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Hirashima Tsukasa

Hirashima Tsukasa
Affiliation and department:
Papers (97):
  • Alkhateeb, Mohammad; Rajab, Taha; Hayashi, Yusuke; Hirashima, Tsukasa. Experimental Use of Kit-Build Concept Map System to Support Reading Comprehension of EFL in Comparing with Selective Underlining Strategy. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED COMPUTER SCIENCE AND APPLICATIONS. 2016. 7. 4. 80-87
  • Mohammad Alkhateeb, Yusuke Hayahi, Taha Rajab, Tsukasa Hirashima. Experimental Evaluation of the KB-mapping Method to Avoid Sentence-by-Sentence Map-building Style in EFL Reading with Concept Mapping. INFORMATION AND SYSTEMS IN EDUCATION. 2016. 15. 1. 1-14
  • Tsukasa Hirashima, Yusuke Hayashi. Educational Externalization of Thinking Task by Kit-Build Method. International Conference on Human Interface and the Management of Information. 2016. 126-137
  • Kayo Kawamoto, Yusuke Hayashi, Tsukasa Hirashima. An Open-Ended and Interactive Learning Using Logic Building System with Four-Frame Comic Strip. International Conference on Human Interface and the Management of Information. 2016. 146-158
  • A Supianto, Y Hayashi, T Hirashima. An Investigation of Learner's Actions in Problem-Posing Activity of Arithmetic Word Problems. 13th International Conference, ITS 2016. 2016. 487-489
Lectures and oral presentations  (8):
  • 教育システム情報学の未来への軌跡
    (教育システム情報学会全国大会40周年記念シンポジウム 2015)
  • 学習課題の情報構造としての再定義とその内容に基づいて設計された活動としての組み立てることによる学習
    (人工知能学会全国大会学会コラボセッションS1「学習の科学と工学の協同」 2015)
  • Externalization of Thinking Task. with Kit-Building Approach
    (Mathematics, Science and Computer Science Education International Seminar 2016)
  • How should Information Technology change Learning/Education?
    (Invited General Lecture of Computer Science Education Department, Indonesia University of Education 2016)
  • Model-Based Approach for Educational Big Data Analysis of Learners Thinking with Process Data
    (IWBIS2017 2017)
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