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Toda Keiichi

トダ ケイイチ | Toda Keiichi
Affiliation and department:
Homepage URL  (1): http://fmd.dpri.kyoto-u.ac.jp/~toshi/
Research field  (2): Hydroengineering ,  Disaster prevention engineering
Research keywords  (5): Underground Space Management ,  River Basin Management ,  Urban Flood Control ,  River Hydraulics ,  Hydraulic Design
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (4):
  • Study on Urban Flood and its control
  • Study on transport and mixing phenomena in open channel flow
  • Study on Flood Hazard in Urban Area
  • Study on Hydraulic Design of Underground Storage or Tunnel Systems
Papers (31):
  • K. Toda, T. Nishikori, T. Ishigaki. Evacuation Analysis in Inundation at Multi-layer Underground Space. Proc.of 21st IAHR-APD Congress, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 2018. 1043-1050
  • Y. Baba, T. Ishigaki, K. Toda. Experimental Studies on Safety Evacuation from Underground Spaces under Inundated Situations. Journal of JSCE. 2017. 5. 1. 269-278
  • M. Terada, T. Ishigaki, T. Ozaki, Y. Baba, K. Toda. Subway Inundation by Fluvial Flooding and Evacuation from Subway Stations. Proc. of the 37th IAHR World Congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 2017. 2403-2408
  • T. Okamoto, H. Takebayashi, T. Kaneko, Y. Shibayama, K. Toda. Flood-flow characteristics in a blocked river: Detour flow around a bridge. Proc. of Riverflow2016 Congress, St. Louis. 2016. 1869-1876
  • K. Toda, T. Ishigaki, Y. Baba. Evacuation Experiment by Bicycle in Flood Water. 20th IAHR-APD, Colombo, Sri Lanka. 2016. 2A002
MISC (40):
  • K. Kotani, T. Ishigaki, S. Suzuki, T. Asao, Y. Baba, K. Toda. Evaluation for emergency escape during stair climbing in a simulated flood evacuation. 2012 Southeast Asian Network of Ergonomics Societies Conference: Ergonomics Innovations Leveraging User Experience and Sustainability, SEANES 2012. 2012
  • N. Yoneyama, M. Miwa, K. Toda. Three-dimensional numerical analysis for predicting the fluid force acting on the human body from water flow. Proceedings of the 34th IAHR World Congress, Brisbane, Australia ISBN 978-0-85825-868-6, pp.483-490. 2011
  • Toda Keiichi Yamamoto, Daisuke Yoneyama Nozomu, Kuwano Yasuko. Risk Analysis of Underground Inundation Considering Evacuation Difficulty. Proceedings of 8th International Conference on Urban Drainage Modelling Vol.8. 2009
  • 米山 望, 戸田圭一, 間畠真嗣, 山本大介. Numerical Analysys For Evacuation Possibility From Small Underground Space in Urban Flood. Proc. 16th IAHR-APD Congress, Nanjing, China Vol.1, pp.107-112. 2008
  • Kawaike, K. Nakagawa, H. Baba, Y. Toda, K. Yoneyama, N. Flood and sediment disasters of Japan in July 2006 and numerical simulation of an urban flooding. Pre-conference paper volume of International Conference on Water and Flood Management (ICWFM-2007) pp.775-782. 2007
Books (1):
  • Flood Risk Simulation
    WIT Press pp.285-333 2005
Lectures and oral presentations  (10):
  • Car related problems in urban flooding
    (Sino-Japan Joint Seminar on Urban Flood Management 2018)
  • Evacuation Experiment by Bicycle in Flood Water
    (IAHR APD Conference 2016 2016)
  • Evacuation Experiment from a Partially Submerged Car
    (IAHR APD Conference 2014 2014)
  • Evacuation Experiment by Bicycle in Flood Water
    (AOGS 2014 2014)
  • Urban Flooding and Its Measures
    (2013 Workshop on Soil-Disaster Computing 2013)
Education (3):
  • - 1986 The University of Iowa Graduate School, Division of Engineering Civil and Enviroumental Engineering
  • - 1979 Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering
  • - 1979 Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering
Professional career (2):
  • Ph. D. (The University of Iowa)
  • Master of Engineering (Kyoto University)
Work history (7):
  • 2012/11 - 現在 Kyoto University
  • 2003/12 - 2012/10 Kyoto University
  • 1995 - 2004 Professor, Disaster Prevention
  • 1995/04 - 2003/11 Kyoto University
  • 1995 - 2003 Associate Professor, Disaster Prevention
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