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LYNCH Jonathan

リンチ ジョナサン | LYNCH Jonathan
Affiliation and department:
Papers (2):
  • Taking Students on an Overseas Eco-Tour (Part 1). 2006. 16-18
  • Taking Students on an Overseas Eco-Tour (Part 2). 2006. 10-13
Lectures and oral presentations  (9):
  • Students Attitudes Before and After an Eco-tour
    (The 29th JALT International Conference 2003)
  • Assessing Achievement-Based Oral Interviews
    (The 30th JALT International Conference 2004)
  • Avoiding Classroom Conflict
    (The 31st JALT International Conference 2005)
  • Clickers: Motivate Students by Remote Control
    (The 32nd JALT International Conference 2006)
  • Using a Class Response System: A practical demonstration
    (JALTCALL 2009 2009)
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