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Higashi Etsuko

ヒガシ エツコ | Higashi Etsuko
Affiliation and department:
Job title: associate professor
MISC (12):
  • 東 悦子. Project Promoting Migration History in Wakayama : Exhibitions and Symposiums as a Means of Preserving and Inheriting the Mementos of Ancestors. 移民研究年報 = The annual review of migration studies. 2015. 21. 57-74
  • 東 悦子. Various Projects Related to the History of Emigrants in Wakayama Prefecture and the Future Developments. JICA横浜海外移住資料館研究紀要. 2015. 10. 41-61
  • HIGASHI Etsuko. On Training Program for Teachers Involved in Elementary School Foreign Language Activities(Practical Reports,The 38^ JASELE Conference in Aichi). Journal of the Chubu English Language Education Society. 2013. 42. 0. 281-288
  • Higashi Etsuko. Significance of Promoting International Exchange through Tourism in Light of the Emigrants' History : A New Relationship between Nikkei People and People Living in the Homeland. Academic world of tourism studies. 2012. 1. 111-121
  • Matsunami Yuka, Tanabe Shoko, Ogi Ayane, Higashi Etsuko. Revitalization of a Local Community through the Animal Stationmaster, "Tama" : Analysis of the Fieldwork at Kishi Station on the Kishigawa Line in Wakayama Prefecture. Tourism studies. 2011. 5. 43-51
Association Membership(s) (6):
JAPAN SOCIETY FOR TOURISM STUDIES ,  THE JAPANESE ASSOCIATION FOR MIGRATION STUDIES ,  THE JAPAN ASSOCIATION OF ENGLISH TEACHING IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS ,  The Japan Association for the Study of Teaching English ,  The Japan Society of English Language Education ,  The Japan Association of College English Teachers
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