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Tanida Noriyuki

タニダ ノリユキ | Tanida Noriyuki
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Homepage URL  (1): http://www2.ipcku.kansai-u.ac.jp/~tanida/
Research field  (3): Information theory ,  Computer systems ,  Soft computing
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2002 - Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology Arts and Sciences, Frontier Promotion Foothold, Research Center of Socionetwork Strategies, Research Member for Network Economy Group
Papers (35):
  • Masatoshi Murakami, Noriyuki Tanida. T​h​e​ ​F​l​o​w​ ​o​f​ ​I​n​f​o​r​m​a​t​i​o​n​ ​t​h​r​o​u​g​h​ ​P​e​o​p​l​e​’​s​ ​N​e​t​w​o​r​k​ ​a​n​d​ ​i​t​s​ ​E​f​f​e​c​t​ ​o​n​ ​J​a​p​a​n​e​s​e​ ​P​u​b​l​i​c​ ​P​e​n​s​i​o​n​ ​S​y​s​t​e​m. Proceedings of AESCS2009. 2010. ABSS Vol.8
  • Masatora Daito, Noriyuki Tanida. The Influence of Mental Factors on Fire Evacuation Behavior and the Effect of Introducing RFID and Cellular Phone. RCSS Discussion Paper Series. 2010. Vol.100, pp.1-14
  • Masatora Daito, Noriyuki Tanida. Effectiveness of Cellular Phone with Active RFID Tag for Evacuation - The Case of Evacuation from the Underground Shopping Mall of Tenjin. International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology. 2009. Volume 3, Number 1, Winter, pp. 72-83
  • Masatora Daito, Noriyuki Tanida. A Fire Evacuation Model of Using Active RFID in Underground Shopping Mall. RCSS Discussion Paper Series. 2008. Vol.74, pp.1-21
  • 大​東​正​虎, 村​上​雅​俊, 谷​田​則​幸. W​e​b​サ​イ​ト​内​の​顧​客​の​情​報​行​動​と​購​買​行​動​ ​-​ホ​テ​ル​紹​介​W​e​b​サ​イ​ト​内​に​お​け​る​顧​客​の​選​択​行​動​の​エ​ー​ジ​ェ​ン​ト​シ​ミ​ュ​レ​ー ​シ​ョ​ン​-. 『​R​C​S​S​デ​ィ​ス​カ​ッ​シ​ョ​ン​ペ​ー​パ​ー​シ​リ​ー​ズ​』. 2008. 第​6​3​号
Books (4):
  • 社​会​ネ​ッ​ト​ワ​ー​ク​シ​ミ​ュ​レ​ー​シ​ョ​ン​-​マ​ル​チ​エ​ー​ジ​ ェ​ン​ト​シ​ミ​ュ​レ​ー​シ​ョ​ン​に​よ​る​社​会​構​造​の​解​明​-
    多​賀​出​版​・​ ​『​ソ​シ​オ​ネ​ッ​ト​ワ​ー​ク​戦​略​と​は​何​か​』 2007
  • Windows for Expert Visual Stat.
    BNN 1994
  • Rough Sets and Data Analysis
    Mathematical Science 1994
  • 経済・社会学のためのコンピュータ入門 (共著)
    朝倉書店 1994
Lectures and oral presentations  (29):
  • A study on firms’ competition by cost of service and unit price using simplified agent-based model
    (The16th International Conference on Computing in Economics and Finance (CEF2010) 2010)
  • What is more effective marketing strategy for getting market share?
    (Western Economic Association International 85th Annual Conference 2010)
  • T​h​e​ ​F​l​o​w​ ​o​f​ ​I​n​f​o​r​m​a​t​i​o​n​ ​t​h​r​o​u​g​h​ ​P​e​o​p​l​e​’​s​ ​N​e​t​w​o​r​k​ ​a​n​d​ ​i​t​s​ ​E​f​f​e​c​t​ ​o​n​ ​J​a​p​a​n​e​s​e​ ​P​u​b​l​i​c​ ​P​e​n​s​i​o​n​ ​S​y​s​t​e​m
    (T​h​e​ ​S​i​x​t​h​ ​I​n​t​e​r​n​a​t​i​o​n​a​l​ ​W​o​r​k​s​h​o​p​ ​o​n​ ​A​g​e​n​t​-​b​a​s​e​d​ ​A​p​p​r​o​a​c​h​e​s​ ​i​n​ ​E​c​o​n​o​m​i​c​ ​a​n​d​ ​S​o​c​i​a​l​ ​C​o​m​p​l​e​x​ ​S​y​s​t​e​m​s​(​A​E​S​C​S​'​0​9​) 2009)
  • Human Communication and Human-Smoke Interaction during a Fire Evacuation
    (The 6th European Social Simulation Association Conference (ESSA 2009) 2009)
  • H​o​w​ ​w​i​l​l​ ​t​h​e​ ​D​i​f​f​e​r​e​n​c​e​ ​i​n​ ​P​e​o​p​l​e​’​s​ ​N​e​t​w​o​r​k​ ​S​t​r​u​c​t​u​r​e​ ​H​a​v​e​ ​I​m​p​a​c​t​ ​o​n​ ​J​a​p​a​n​e​s​e​ ​P​u​b​l​i​c​ ​P​e​n​s​i​o​n​ ​S​y​s​t​e​m​?
    (1​5​t​h​ ​I​n​t​e​r​n​a​t​i​o​n​a​l​ ​C​o​n​f​e​r​e​n​c​e​ ​C​o​m​p​u​t​i​n​g​ ​i​n​ ​E​c​o​n​o​m​i​c​s​ ​a​n​d​ ​F​i​n​a​n​c​e​(​C​E​F​ ​2​0​0​9​) 2009)
Education (3):
  • - 1995 The University of Electro-Communications Department of Computer Science and Information Mathematics
  • 1995 - The University of Electro-Communications Department of Computer Science and Information Mathematics
  • - 1985 Kyushu University Department of Mathematics
Professional career (2):
  • Master of Engineering
  • Doctor of Science
Association Membership(s) (7):
Japan Association for Evolutionary Economics ,  IPSJ ,  IEICE ,  Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence ,  ACM ,  IEEE ,  European Association for Theorefical Computer Science
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