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Fukada Satoshi

フカダ サトシ | Fukada Satoshi
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (3): Energy chemistry ,  Nuclear engineering ,  Nuclear fusion
Research keywords  (3): Hydrogen Energy Engineering ,  Fusion Engineering ,  Nuclear Chemical Engineering
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (6):
  • Hydrogen energy system
  • Hydrogen isotope separation
  • Tritium behavior in blanket of fusion reactor
  • Study of Metal Hydride for Hydrogen Energy
  • Hydrogen Isotope Separation Using Metal Hydride
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MISC (51):
Works (5):
  • Study on Frost Growth on Cooled Surfaces
    1993 -
  • Studu on Cold Nuclear Fusion in Palladium Deuteride
    1993 -
  • Separation of deuterium using two-column metal particle beds
    1991 -
  • A study on chromatographic Separation of hydrogen isotopes using metal hydride Particles
    1987 -
  • A study on removal of radicactive vapor by a cold trap packed with particles
    1981 -
Professional career (2):
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