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Rhodes Franklin Robert

ローズ フランクリン ロバート | Rhodes Franklin Robert
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Philosophy - Chinese, Indian, Buddhist
Research keywords  (2): 印度哲学(含仏教学) ,  Indian Philosophy(including Buddhist Studies)
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (2):
  • 日本仏教
  • Japanese Buddhism
Papers (21):
  • RHODES Robert, Franklin. The Buddhist-State Relationship in Japan: Some Observations on the Thought of Saicho and Kukai. 2018. 97. 2. 1-21
  • RHODES Robert, Franklin. Myoe's Image of Sakyamuni's Parinirvana found in the Nehan Koshiki. 2018. 35. 67-82
  • ローズ ロバート F. Criticism of the View that the Two Vehicles Attain Extinction found in the Ichijo Yoketsu : The Response to the Cheng weishi lun zhangzhong shuyao. 佛教学セミナー = Buddhist seminar. 2017. 106. 1-23
  • RHODES Robert, Franklin. Genshin's View of Human Existence. 2017. 82. 30-51
  • ローズ ロバート F. Heian Buddhism. 佛教学セミナー = Buddhist seminar. 2016. 103. 50-78
MISC (8):
  • ローズ ロバート F. Chairperson's Address for New Members of Buddhist Studies Association : There is a Cloud Floating in this Sheet of Paper : The Buddhist Thought of Thich Nhat Hanh. 佛教学セミナー. 2014. 100. 76-90
  • ローズ ロバート F. A Lecture for New Students : The Bonds that Tie People Together : Reflections on the Pictures of Ishida Tetsuya. 佛教学セミナー. 2011. 0. 94. 14-30
  • 堀内 宗完, ローズ ロバート, 吉田 敦彦. 補足と討論 (21世紀の智と実践フォーラム 西大寺・元興寺合同企画による授戒会瞑想実習記念シンポジウム--心をみつめ、心をみがく--奈良に伝わり未来につなぐ) -- (シンポジウムの部). 21世紀の<智と実践> : フォーラム年次大会報告集. 2010. 7. 117-121
  • Rohdes Robert F. Mark L. Blum, The Origins and Development of Pure Land Buddhism: A Study and Translation of Gyonen's Jodo Homon Genrusho, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002., xxi+470pp. Interdisciplinary studies in Japanese buddhism. 2006. 4. 0. 129-135
  • RHODES Robert F. Shin Buddhist Attitudes towards the Kami : From Shinran to Rennyo. The Eastern Buddhist. 1994. 27. 2. 53-80
Books (2):
  • Genshin's Ōjōyōshū and the construction of Pure Land discourse in Heian Japan
    University of Hawaiʻi Press 2017 ISBN:9780824872489
  • Cultivating Spirituality: A Modern Shin Buddhist Anthology
    State University of New York Press 2011
Lectures and oral presentations  (10):
  • “Why Does Shin Buddhism Reject the Worship of the Kami?”
    (16th Annual Conference of the European Association for the Study of Religions 2018)
  • Yōkan’s Interpretation of the Nenbutsu in the Ōjō juin
    (Conference on “Pure Land in the Nara Schools, McGill University, Montreal, Canada 2017)
  • Hearing the Dharma: Finding Yourself in the Pure Land Narrative
    (18th Conference of the International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies 2017)
  • Genshin's Understanding of Human Existence
    (Japanese Association of Buddhist Studies 2016)
  • Faith and Practice in Genshin's Ōjōyōshū
    (International Symposium "Faith in Buddhism.” Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary 2013)
Education (3):
  • - 1993 Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences East Asian Languages and Civilization
  • - 1975 University of Hawaii
  • - 1975 University of Hawaii Arts and Sciences Asian Studies
Professional career (1):
  • PhD
Association Membership(s) (5):
国際真宗学会(International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies) ,  日本印度学仏教学会 ,  日本仏教学会 ,  アメリカ宗教学学会(American Academy of Religion) ,  アジア学学会(Association for Asian Studies)
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