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UENO Satoshi

ウエノ サトシ | UENO Satoshi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Other affiliations (4):
  • Ritsumeikan University  Research Organization of Science and Technology, Advanced Robotics Research Center 
  • Ritsumeikan University  Research Organization of Science and Technology, Research Center of Advanced Materials Technology 
  • Ritsumeikan University  Graduate School of Science and Engineering 
  • Ritsumeikan University  Research Organization of Science and Technology, Frontier Research Center for The Bio Medical Devices Center 
Homepage URL  (1): http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/~sueno/
Research field  (1): Dynamics/Control
Research keywords  (1): Mechanics, control engineering, mechatronics, mechatronics, control engineering, electrical engineering
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2007 - 2007 長期連続運転可能なMEG用低ノイズ高効率ヘリウム循環装置 プロジェクト主体:立命館大学
Papers (43):
  • Satoshi UENO, Changan JIANG. Switching control between three-coil and five-coil modes for six-pole active magnetic bearings. Mechanical Engineering Journal. 2019
  • Ryo WATANABE, Satoshi UENO and Changan JIANG. Control of axial force and motor torque of an axial gap self-bearing motor using two four-concentrated-coil stators. Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese). 2018. 84. 865. 17-00520
  • Satoshi UENO, Ryo ISEKI, Changan JIANG. Stability of a tilt-controlling axial gap self-bearing motor with single-stator. Mechanical Engineering Journal. 2017. 4. 4. 16-00337
  • 千葉雅之,上野 哲,姜 長安. Perfomance comparison of 6 Salient-Pole Active Magnetic Bearings by the difference in the control method. Journal of the Japan Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics. 2017. 25. 2. 174-179
  • Tran Van Toan, Satoshi Ueno, Takuya Fukuura and Takahiro Shinjyo. Electromagnetic force analysis of a 5-DOF controlled disk type PM motor. International Journal of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics. 2017. 52. 243-250
Books (1):
  • Magnetic Bearings, Theory and Applications
    SCIYO, Rijeka 2010 ISBN:978-953-307-148-0
Lectures and oral presentations  (139):
  • ディスク型磁気浮上モータの試作と制御
    (日本機械学会第73期通常総会講演会 1996)
  • アキシャル磁気浮上回転モータの開発と制御
    (平成8年電気学会産業応用部門全国大会 1996)
  • Control of axially levitated rotating motor
    (Third International Conference on Motion and Vibration Control (MOVIC) 1996)
  • アキシャル磁気浮上回転モータの研究
    (茨城講演会 1996)
  • 磁気浮上モータ(ベアリングレスモータ)の開発状況
    (精密工学会秋季大会学術講演会 1996)
Education (2):
  • - 1995 Ibaraki University Faculty of Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • - 2000 Ibaraki University "Graduate School, Division of Science and Engineering" Major in Industrial Science
Professional career (1):
  • Ph.D. (Engineering) (Ibaraki University)
Awards (3):
  • 2009/11 - The best paper award of the IEEE PEDS 2009
  • 2008/11 - 日本AEM学会論文賞
  • 2006/11 - 日本AEM学会奨励賞
Association Membership(s) (4):
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers ,  The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan ,  The Japan Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics ,  IEEE
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