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IKKAI Yoshitomo

イッカイ ヨシトモ | IKKAI Yoshitomo
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Others
Research field  (2): Intelligent informatics ,  Library and information science/Humanistic social informatics
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • Study on Knowledge Processing for Factory Automation
  • Automatic Regeneration System of Sequence Programs for The Operationg Plants
  • Study on Supply Chain Development Tool
MISC (24):
  • Dispatching Rule Exchangeable Optimization Planning System. 1994. 114C. 10. 1046
  • Dispatching Rule Exchangeable Optimization Planning System. Proc. of IEEE International Workshop on Emerging Technologies & Factory Automation. 1993. 137-143
  • Knowledge Acquisition for Status Selection Planning System. Proc. of International Conference on Data and Knowledge Systems for Manufacturing and Engineering. 1994. 56-61
  • Knowledge-based Plan Modification by Dynamic Combination of Operation Rules. Proc. of 1994 Japan-U. S. A. Symposium on Flexible Automation. 1994. 1437-1440
  • Optimal scheduling System with Multiple Status Selection Rules. Proc. of IECON '94. 1994. 1123-1128
Professional career (2):
  • (BLANK)
  • (BLANK)
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