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シライシ トモノリ | SHIRAISHI Tomonori
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (3): Plant pathology ,  Plant molecular biology/Plant physiology ,  Applied molecular and cellular biology
Research keywords  (3): Plant pathology ,  Physiological Plant Pathology ,  Plant Physiology
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • Mechanism in the determination of host-parasite specificity
  • Mechanism on induced systemic resistance and susceptibility
  • Sturcture and function of virulence genes in plant pathogenic fungi
MISC (46):
Books (9):
  • Regulation of ATPase and signal transduction for pea defense responses by the suppressor and elicitor from #IDBMycosphaerella pinodes(/)-#IRDB
    Host-Specific Toxin : Biosynthesis, Receptor and Molecular Biology(共著)
  • The role of plant cell wall in determining rost-parasite specificity
    Frout line of Plant Pathology in Tohoku division
  • Signal transmission from cell wall to nuclear leading to plant defense responses
    A Dawn of Plant-Microbe Interactions
  • Host-selective seppressor for detense response from #IDBMycosphaerella pinodes(/)-#IRDB
    Host-specific toxin : Biosynthesis, Receptor and Molecular Biology
  • Phytoalexins and host specificity in plant diseases
    Handbook of phytoalexin metabolism and Action (MDI)
Lectures and oral presentations  (26):
  • 植物細胞壁における病原菌認識・応答と酸化還元酵素 -アルコルビン酸酸化酵素について-
    (平成13年度日本植物病理学会大会 2001)
  • Medicago truncatula アピラーゼ MtAPY1;1 の機能解析
    (平成20年度日本植物病理学会大会 2008)
  • Medicago truncatula におけるサプレッサー応答性遺伝子
    (平成20年度日本植物病理学会大会 松江 2008, 4, 26-28. 2008)
  • Molecular analysis of genes implicated in triterpene synthesis in rice
    (5th International Conference on Plant Metabolomics 2008)
  • :オオムギうどんこ病菌感染葉抽出液に含まれる受容化誘導物質の検索
    (平成20年度日本植物病理学会関西部会 2008. 9. 18-19. 2008)
Works (20):
  • The primary action site of the suppressor from Mycosphaerella pinodes
  • Signal transduction and defense gene expression in host-parasite interactions
  • Plant Disease-fundamental and applied reseorch- (The Zth Sympo. Advanced Tech. in (hu-Shikoku) at Okayama
  • Signal transduction in plant defense responses regulated by fungal pathogens (The 80th Ann. Phytopathol. Soc.Jpn.,1995,Tokyo)
  • Fungal signals regulate ATPase and polyphosphoinositide metabolism in pea plants (U.S.-Japan Sci. Seminar, 1995, Tsu)
Professional career (1):
  • Doctor of Agric. Sci. (Nagoya University)
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