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SATO Setsuko

サトウ セツコ | SATO Setsuko
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (1): Sports science
Research keywords  (1): Dance Education
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (2):
  • 2000 - 2006 The Relationship between Creativity in Dance and Health
  • 2009 - The Effect of Yoga, Pilates and Ballet Exercise Experience on the Mental and Physical Well-Being of Junior College Students
MISC (25):
  • The Relationship of Dance Creativity and Mental and Physical Health. Bulletein of Saitama Women's Junior College. 2007. 18. 43-57
  • A Study of Relationship between Original Body Expression and Original Thinking. Journal of Performance Studies (JAPAN). 1999. 6. 25-34
  • The Communication of Feeling in Dance -A Comparative approach to Jumping dance and Sliding dance-. Bulletin of Saitama Women's Junior College. 1991. 2. 35-64
  • Features of Foot movement (Ashi-zukai) in "Shigayama-ryu " :An oldest "Ryugi" in Edo period Dance. Bulletin of Saitama Women's Junior College. 1990. 1. 65-79
  • A Factor Analytic Study on Body Expressions : In Comparison with Facial Expressions. Bulletin of Yamanashi Prefectual Junior College for women. 1988. 21. 21-32
Books (1):
  • A Psychology for Health
    Hoiku Publisher 2006
Lectures and oral presentations  (14):
  • カタックダンスの表現特性に関する一研究
    (舞踊学会 1985)
  • 稽古の修得過程に見る舞踊美の形成について
    (舞踊学会 1986)
  • 身体表情の計量的研究-顔と身体の伝達性の違いを中心に-
    (舞踊学会 1989)
  • 舞踊の感情伝達に関する因子分析的研究
    (舞踊学会 1990)
  • 舞踊の感情伝達に関する因子分析的研究-顔と身体の伝達の違いを中心に-
    (舞踊学会 1991)
Works (34):
  • Modern Dance May Festival , sponsored by Contemporary Dance Association of Japan, at MIEL PARQUE Hall, performed " Eight Steps" choreography by Ishiguro.
    1989 -
  • The 15th Ishiguro Setsuko Dance Performance, at ABC Hall, performed "Sakura-Hime Azuma Bunsho" choreography by Ishiguro.
    1989 -
  • Ishigura Setsuko Dance Company Perfomance, sponsored by Asahi News Paper Office, at MIEL PARQUE Hall, performed "A Sacred Rites -Three Gnardians" choreography by Ishiguro.
    1990 -
  • Sugiyama Yumi Modern Dance Recital, produced by Balu Company, at ABC Hall, performed "Good Feeling Egg Breaker" choreography by Sugiyama.
    1990 -
  • The 17th Cuative Dance Performance, sponsored by Ochanomizu Women's University Subject of Dance Education, at Tora-no-mon Hall, performed "Yuna", choreography by self.
    1990 -
Education (2):
  • - 1980 Ochanomizu University Faculty of Letters and Education
  • - 1983 Ochanomizu University Graduate School, Division of Humanities Dance Education
Professional career (1):
  • Master (Ochanomizu University)
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