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Banba Mami

バンバ マミ | Banba Mami
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (2): Home economics, lifestyle science ,  Home economics, lifestyle science
Research keywords  (2): History of Dyeing and Weaving ,  History of Clothing
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (2):
  • History of Japanese Dyeing and Wearing
  • History of Japanese Clothing
MISC (11):
  • A Study on Montuki-hairyou-kosode On “Uchiwa-gata katyou Myou Kosode". JOURNAL OF THE JAPANESE INSTITUTE OF COSTUME. 1998. 17. 20-24
  • A Study on “Karigane-ya Tohuku-monin Goyo Gohuku Kakiage-cho"(2) Desigins & Processing Techniques of Katabira, and Custume in Empo-period. Histrical Review on Manners and Customs. 1996. 35. 3. 32-50
  • A Study on Kosode Described in "Karigane-Ya Tofuku-Monin Goyo Gofuku Kakiage-cho"-Compared with Real Kosode-. Journal of the Japanese Institute of Costume. 1995. 14. 27-34
  • A Study on Design, Cutting and Sewing of Kosode in Modern Ages-Based on Uchishiki Made from Kosode Owned by Kamashima Textile Museum. PROCEEDINGS OF MUSEOLOGY IN KACHO JUNIOR COLLEGE. 1994. 27-38
  • A Study on Kosode of Edo era-On Kosode owned by Kawashima Textile Museum (〕G0025〔). Journal of The Japanese Institute of Costume. 1994. 13. 52-58
Books (2):
  • Desigins of Kosode in Empo-period
  • A systematic study of Costume
Education (2):
  • - 1987 Nara Women's University Graduate School, Doctral Research Course in Human Culture
  • - 1982 Nara Women's University Faculty of Home Economics
Professional career (2):
  • Master of Home Economics (Nara Women's University)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Nara Women's University)
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