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マツシマ ハルキ | MATSUSHIMA Haruki
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Aesthetics/Art history
Research keywords  (1): Aestheties(including Science Art)
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • Oil painting
  • The techniques of the lithographe on a lithostone
  • The chronicle of the 70th SHUNYOKAI
MISC (8):
  • A Critique of the 65th SHUNYOKAI Art exhibition. SHUNYO(]J1055[). 1988. 57
  • The memory of NAKAGAWA KAZUMASA. SHONYO. 1991. 63
  • Some Considerations on the judging of the 69th SHUNYOKAI Art Exhibition. SHUNYO(]J1055[). 1992
  • NAKAGAWA Kazumasa and SHUNYOUKAI Subtitle the new current of Japanese modern art, The Taisho to The SHowa. MANAZURU City Museum. 1995. 2-3
  • A Report of Judging at the 73th SHUNYOKAI Art Exhibition. SHUNYO(]E87C7[). 1996. 73. 2-3
Books (6):
  • The techniques of a picture in oils "essence of Composition"
    Shikaku design kenkyujyo 1983
  • The techniques of a picture in oils "essence of colors"
    Shikaku design kenkyujyo 1983
  • The Technigues of a picture in oils "essence of expressions"
    Shikaku design kenkyujyo 1984
  • "KAROTOHSEN" The Essays on NAKAGAWA Kazumasa
    Chuusekisha 1993
  • The Chronicle of the 70th Shunyoukai(joinly outhoned)
Works (25):
  • The 80th of the Shonyokai Artexhition at the metropolitan art museum
  • The 79th of the Shunyokai Art exhition at the metropolitan art museum
  • The 31th-74th Shunyokai Art exhibition at Tokyo metropolitan art museum
    1954 - 2000
  • The 16th〜25th Exposition International of Figure
    1977 - 1987
  • Exhibition of "Nine members" at SHISEIDO Gallery
    1980 - 1994
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