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Oota Atsutane

オオタ アツタネ | Oota Atsutane
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Food sciences
Papers (50):
  • Yoshifumi Kimira, Kiyono Tajima, Atsutane Ohta, Yoshiko Ishimi, Shin-ichi Katsumata, Kazuharu Suzuki, Herman Adlercreutz, Mariko Uehara. Synergistic effect of isoflavone glycosides and fructooligosaccharides on postgastrectomy osteopenia in rats. Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition. 2012. 51. 2. 156-160
  • Inability of magnesium-deficient rats to choose a diet with high magnesium content. 2010. 29. 5-15
  • Yumi NAKAYA, Atsutane OHTA. Absence of negative feedback on intestinal Magnesium absorption on excessive Magnesium administration in rats. J Nutr. Sci, Vitaminol. 2009. 55. 332-337
  • 大学生を対象とした適切な食生活に関する変容段階と栄養摂取状況および心理的要因との関係. 日本健康教育学会誌. 2009. 17. 246-259
  • Yumi NAKAYA, Atsutane OHTA. The frequency of magnesium consumption directly influences its serum concentration and the amount of elutable bone magnesium in rats. Magnesium Research. 2009. 23. 1-8
Books (1):
  • 歩く、走る!のばせ健康寿命 : 栄養学と運動生理学で考える「走る、アンチエイジング」
    E-lock.planning,三一書房 (発売) 2016 ISBN:9784380169007
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