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Yajima Hiroshi

Yajima Hiroshi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Homepage URL  (1): http://www.asl.im.dendai.ac.jp/gaiyou.html
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2012 - 現在 Research on measurement and increase of motivation
Papers (48):
  • Huta Takeda, Hiroshi Yajima, Manabu Kurosawa. A Dialogue system for Elderly People Considering Impression Formation and User's Character. AHFE 2019. 2019. 350-355
  • Hiroshi Yajima, Huta Takwda, Jyunpei Kawaguchi, Manabu Kurosawa. Dialogue System for LonelyElderly People Considering Impression Formation and User‘s Character. IADIS 2019. 2019. 1520-1525
  • Yuya Totsuka, Hiroshi Yajima. Proposal of information sharing system specialized to characteristic of caregiver in the home care field. Journal of information processing Society. 2019. 30. 1. 185-192
  • M.Hatano, Y.Taniguchi, H.Yajima. Applying PDE in the Medical Field and Basic Concept for PDS Agent. ICMU 2018. 2018
  • Yuya Tostuka, Hiroshi Yajima. Research on an Information Sharing System COI specialized for Urgency in the Home Care Field. IEEE E-Health 2018. 2018. 199-204
MISC (6):
  • Yuya Totsuka, Hiroshi Yajima. Research on an information sharing system using COI specialized for urgency in the home care field. Journal of Institute of Electronic Engineers of Japan. 2019
  • Hiroshi Yajima, Huuta Takeda, Manabu KUrosawa, Jyunpei Kawaguti. Dialogue system for elderly people considering impression formation by gentleness. 2019
  • Yoji Taniguchi, Hiroshi Yajima. The concept of PDE and PDS agent in medical field. 2018
  • Manabu Kurosawa, Hiroshi Yajima, Youji Taniguchi, Jun Sawamoto. Hybridmaning system for care assistance. 2018
  • Kota Watanabe, Hiroshi Yajima, Jun Sawamoto. Development of hybrid-mining technology for early detection of depression. 2017. 5-8
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