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Ichiminami Fumikazu

Ichiminami Fumikazu
Homepage URL  (2): http://www.eme.okayama-u.ac.jp/Sections/Landscape_old/member.htmlhttp://www.eme.okayama-u.ac.jp/
Research field  (2): Local studies ,  Geography
Research keywords  (3): Human Geography ,  Farm Management ,  Land Use
Papers (14):
  • ICHIMINAMI F, FUKAI A. Farm management and regional promotion in terms of glutinous rice as the Hime-no-mochi in Shinjo-son, Okayama prefecture (in Japanese with English abstract). Journal of Systematic Regional Geography. 2016. 22. 2. 1-12
  • ICHIMINAMI F, Y. FURUTA. Study on farm management and transition of eggplant cultivation in greenhouses in the southern part of Okayama prefecture (in Japanese with English abstract). Regional Studies ( The Rissho Geographical Association ). 2015. 55. 1・2. 4-19
  • ICHIMINAMI Fumikazu. The regional trends on uncultivated arable land and non-farm households which hold farmland in Japan: Focusing on Okayama prefecture (in Japanese). Journal of Systematic Regional Geography ( Chiiki-Chiri-Kenkyu ). 2013. 19. 1. 39-46
  • HIKIDA Shizuka, ICHIMINAMI Fumikazu. Business environment at CBD in Okayama city: A case study of Omote-cho (in Japanese). Annual Report of Japan Society for Urbanology. 2012. 45. 186-191
  • HAN Jing, ICHIMINAMI Fumikazu. The Changes and Problems of Commercial Activities in terms of the Questionnaire Survey in Omote-cho as the Central Shopping Street in Okayama City (in Japanese with English abstract). Journal of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology, Okayama University. 2011. 16. 1. 7-33
MISC (37):
Books (11):
  • Regional Geography in Japan, Chugoku and Shikoku Districts, Vol. 9 ( in Japanese )
    Asakura Shoten in Tokyo 2005 ISBN:4254167695
  • The hundred years in Chugoku and Shikoku districts from the point of view of geography ( in Japanese )
    Kokon-shoin 1999
  • Dictionary of Human Geography ( in Japanese )
    Asakura-shoten Publ. (Tokyo) 1997 ISBN:4254163363
  • Visual ver. Re-descovering Japan 31 Tottori prefecture ( in Japanese )
    Douhousya Publ. 1997
  • Outstanding Nature in Tottori Prefecture The land - Its form and formation ( in Japanese )
    Tottori Prefecture 1993
Lectures and oral presentations  (12):
  • Transmutation of Japanese pear cultivation in Tottori prefecture
    (The 2017 spring meeting of the association of Japanese Geographers at the university of Tsukuba 2017)
  • Agriculture and forestry management and production, processing and marketing of glutinous rice in Shinjo-son, Okayama prefecture
    (The 2015 annual meeting of the society for systematic regional geography 2015)
  • Changing management of eggplant cultivation in greenhouse in the southern part of Okayama prefecture, Japan
    (The annual meeting of the Rissho geographical society in 2014 2014)
  • Maintenance of preserved trees and natural environment in the central part of Himeji city in terms of the viewpoint of citizen (in Japanese)
    (The 60th Annual Meeting of Urbanology in Japan 2013)
  • Transition of Non-cultivated Arable Land in Japan
    (The 2013 Spring Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers 2013)
Works (5):
  • Tango peninsula and Fukuchiyama basin in Kyoto prefecture
    ICHIMINAMI Fumikazu 1993 - 1993
  • Toyooka basin and Kannabe volcano in the northen part of Hyogo prefecture
    ICHIMINAMI Fumikazu 1990 - 1990
  • Kannabe volcano
    ICHIMINAMI Fumikazu 1989 - 1989
  • Landform of Kannabe volcano
    ICHIMINAMI Fumikazu 1987 - 1987
  • Research trip in Formosa (Taiwan)
    ICHIMINAMI Fumikazu 1983 - 1983
Professional career (1):
  • Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) (University of Tsukuba)
Committee career (6):
  • 1971 - 2018 The Association of Japanese Geographers ( Nippon Chiri-Gakkai ) Regular Member
  • 2015/07 - 2017/06 Society for Systematic Regional Geography President
  • 2014/07 - 2015/06 The society for systematic regional geography Vice president of the section of Seto Inland (Setouchi) geography
  • 2010 - 2012 Japan Association on Geographical Space councilor
  • 1991/07 - 1992/03 The Study Group on Nature Conservation in Tottori Prefecture Committee Membership
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