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Fujimoto Toyoshi

Fujimoto Toyoshi
Affiliation and department:
Papers (161):
  • Minami Orii, Takuma Tsuji, Yuta Ogasawara, Toyoshi Fujimoto. Transmembrane phospholipid translocation mediated by Atg9 is involved in autophagosome formation. Journal of Cell Biology. 2021
  • Kamil Sołtysik, Yuki Ohsaki, Tsuyako Tatematsu, Jinglei Cheng, Asami Maeda, Shin-ya Morita, Toyoshi Fujimoto. Nuclear lipid droplets form in the inner nuclear membrane in a seipin-independent manner. Journal of Cell Biology. 2021
  • Yuta Ogasawara, Jinglei Cheng, Tsuyako Tatematsu, Misaki Uchida, Omi Murase, Shogo Yoshikawa, Yuki Ohsaki, Toyoshi Fujimoto. Long-term autophagy is sustained by activation of CCTβ3 on lipid droplets. Nature Communications. 2020
  • Toshihiro Masuda, Hisaaki Hirose, Kentarou Baba, Astrid Walrant, Sandrine Sagan, Naoyuki Inagaki, Toyoshi Fujimoto, Shiroh Futaki. An Artificial Amphiphilic Peptide Promotes Endocytic Uptake by Inducing Membrane Curvature. Bioconjugate Chemistry. 2020
  • Yuta Ogasawara, Takuma Tsuji, Toyoshi Fujimoto. Multifarious roles of lipid droplets in autophagy - Target, product, and what else?. Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology. 2020
MISC (61):
Lectures and oral presentations  (29):
  • Lipid droplets in the hepatocyte nucleus
    (17th Chinese Biophysics Conference 2019)
  • Phospholipid landscape in cellular membranes
    (60th ICBL LipoQuality Satellite Symposium 2019)
  • 脂肪滴:多様な機能を持つオルガネラ
    (第124回日本解剖学会総会・全国学術集会 2019)
  • 電子顕微鏡によるホスファチジルセリンの細胞内分布解析
    (第41回日本分子生物学会年会 2018)
  • A new look at subcellular distribution of phosphatidylserine
    (Membrane Lipid Transporter Symposium 2018 -Flippases, Floppases and Scramblases 2018)
Professional career (1):
  • 医学博士 (京都大学)
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