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DIAS, Joseph V.

DIAS, Joseph V.
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (3): Education on school subjects and activities ,  Medical sociology ,  Foreign language education
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (4):
  • 1998 - 現在 Conversation analysis of medical consultations
  • 1998 - 現在 Language program administration and teacher training
  • 1999 - 現在 Improving the four skills through self-access
  • 2003 - 現在 Designing and evaluating materials that enhance academic English skills
Papers (5):
  • Exploring online and autonomous extensive reading in an oral English course. In P. Clements, A. Krause, & P. Bennett (Eds.), Language teaching in a global age: Shaping the classroom, shaping the world. 2018. 326-333
  • Dias, Joseph Allen-Tamai, M. Bruce, J. Brooke, S. Bulach, J. Butler, B. Strong, G. Researching Extensive Reading and an Online Library. In Brierly, M. (Ed.), Extensive Reading World Congress Proceedings. Extensive Reading World Congress Proceedings. 2018. 295-303
  • Dias, Joseph Bollinger, Deborah. Plagiarism: Local solutions for a universal problem. OnCUE Journal. 2015. 8. 2. 117-134
  • Promoting lifelong readers through a teacher-produced video. The LLL SIG Newsletter (JALT: Lifelong Language Learning Special Interest Group). 2012. 8. 3. 12-20
  • Dias, J. V., Bradley, W., O'Dowd, G. & Miyao, M. "Observing Classrooms and Breaking Rules". JALT2011 Conference Proceedings, Tokyo: JALT, P. Parise & A. Stewart (Eds.). 2012. 178-188
MISC (4):
  • A blended learning approach: The new IE Active Listening course. Thought Currents in English Literature. 2010. Lxxxii. 25-57
  • Browne Charles, Menish Marc, Pagel James, Shew Paul Tsuchido, Someya Yasumasa. "Faculty and Student-created Audio and Video Podcasts in an EFL Setting". 青山学院大学情報科学研究センター. 2009. 13-38
  • The IATEFL Conference Reviewed. 『On Cue』(JALT-College and University Educator SIG). 2000. 12-17
  • Entering the digital age sans computers-almost. 『Materials Writers Newsletter』(JALT'S Materials Writers SIG). 1995. 10-12
Books (9):
  • Chapter 12 "A Web of Controversy: Bringing Critical Thinking Skills Online." In Adult Language Learners: Context and Innovation. (edited by Strong, G.B. and Smith, A.)
  • Chapter 2 "Designing listening tasks: Lessons learned from needs analysis studies." In Voices From the Field (Edited by N. Ashcraft and A. Tran)
    Alexandria, VA: TESOL 2010
  • Business conference simulations. In C. S. C. Chan & E. Frendo (Eds.) New ways in teaching business English
    Alexandria, VA: TESOL 2014
  • Ethnographies of workplaces. In C. S. C. Chan & E. Frendo (Eds.) New ways in teaching business English
    Alexandria, VA: TESOL 2014
  • Exploring business ethics through tableaux vivants. In C. S. C. Chan & E. Frendo (Eds.) New ways in teaching business English
    Alexandria, VA: TESOL 2014
Lectures and oral presentations  (78):
  • Code-mixing and code-switching at story time
    (20th Annual JALT Conference (Japan Association of Language Teaching) (単独) 1994)
  • Hypercard Projects for Adult EFL Learners: a process writing approach
    (29th Annual TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) Conference (単独) 1995)
  • A gesture is worth a thousand words: Pantomime and language learning
    (16th Annual Thai TESOL Conference (単独) 1996)
  • International Exchanges of e-mail and student-made videos
    (MICELT '96 (Malaysian English Language Teaching Association) (単独) 1996)
  • Drama-related email video exchanges
    (31st Annual TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Conference (単独) 1997)
Works (1):
  • Misunderstandings and their repair among married couples: A pilot exploration
    Dias, JosephUnosawa, Kazuko 1989 -
Work history (11):
  • 1984/04/01 - 1986/03/31 Lecturer
  • 1986/04/01 - 1989/03/31 Lecturer
  • 1989/04/01 - 1994/03/31 Lecturer
  • 1992/03/15 - 1994/06/20 Lecturer
  • 1994/04/01 - 1995/03/31 Lecturer
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Association Membership(s) (4):
Communication Institute for Online Scholarship ,  Japan Association of Language Teaching (On editorial boards for JALT'99 and '00 Conference Proceedings.) ,  Serving on the review board for the JALTCALL Journal and for conference proposals ,  EuroCall (Computer Assisted Language Learning in Europe)
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