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Research field  (1): Linguistics
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (2):
  • 2007 - 2012 ORC Human Speech Communication
  • 2009 - 2011 Solific Taketomi Okinawan dialect
Papers (18):
Books (7):
  • 『新・言語研究のすすめ』 (上智大学外国語学部シリーズ) 「理論・基礎領域.音声学・音韻論」
    上智大学外国語学部 2008
  • 『新・地域研究のすすめ』
    上智大学 2007
  • 『Sprache und Sprachverarbeitung = Language and language-processing』(Linguistik International, Bd. 15)「Phonological parsing of foreign sound sequences and the effect on speech rhythm」
    Peter Lang: Bern, Switzerland 2006 ISBN:363155477X
  • 『Constraints in phonological acquisition』「Emergence of universal grammar in foreign word adaptation」
    Cambridge University Press 2004 ISBN:0521829631
  • 『Phonological answers (and their corresponding questions)』((MIT working papers in linguistics, v. 42))「Metrical Constraints and Word Identity in Japanese Compound Nouns」
    MITWPL 2002
Lectures and oral presentations  (9):
  • Synchronic Usage of Phonetic Saliency: Coda Perception Patterns by the Codaless Tone Language White Hmong
    (19eme Congres International des Linguistes 2013)
  • Moraicity of initial geminates in the Tedumuni dialect of Okinawa
    (the 17th ICPhS 2011)
  • “Three-way Laryngeal Categorization of Japanese, French, English and Chinese Plosives by Korean Speakers.”
    (10th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association (Interspeech 2009 Brighton, UK) 2009)
  • Phoneme duration sensitivity in L2 adaptation in Japanese
    (The Second International Conference on East Asian Linguistics 2008)
  • Speech Perception: Gaps between acoustic speech sounds and what you hear.
    (Research Institution Festival 2008)
Work history (2):
  • 2001/10/01 - 2006/03/31 Centre national de la recherche scientifique
  • Sophia University Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of English Studies Professor
Association Membership(s) (2):
GDR/FNP Phonologie ,  Phonology of Contemporary French
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