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Shindo Hyo

シンドウ ヒヨウ | Shindo Hyo
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Politics
Research keywords  (2): Local Government ,  Urban Politics
MISC (2):
  • Urban Welfare State to Global City : politico administrative/sapace/time governance in Tokyo Metropolitan Government 1967-1995. NAGOYA UNIVERSITY JOURNAL OF LAW AND POLITICS. 1998. 173
  • The Structure of "information policy" in local government : Public information and "access to information" movement in pre-war Tokyo city and its effects in after-war Tokyo. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION REVIEW QUARTALY. 1991. 55
Books (8):
  • Decentralization "reforms" and local alternative movements in contemporary Japan
    WATANAVE Osamu/GOTO Michio(eds. ), The Alternative Projects in Comtemporary Japn(Otsuki-shoten) 1997
  • Local Politics and Local Leftist Governments in Post-War Japan;Urban Society in Post-War Japan
    Criticize Contemporary Japanese Society 1996
  • Decentralization and Local Political Elite
    Decentralization and Local Politics 1996
  • Top Management in Tokyo Metropolitan Government
  • Preface : A Prelude to Welfarist Social System
Works (1):
  • Database on "Urbanization and Local Autonomy in Japan"
    1993 -
Professional career (1):
  • (BLANK)
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