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Nishioka Yasuhiko

ニシオカ ヤスヒコ | Nishioka Yasuhiko
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate Professor
Research field  (4): Respiratory medicine ,  Tumor diagnostics and therapeutics ,  Allergies and connective tissue disease ,  Immunology
Research keywords  (7): Respirology ,  Rheumatology ,  allergy ,  clinical oncology ,  免疫学 ,  Human Genetics ,  Inmunology
Papers (116):
  • Atsushi Mitsuhashi, Kazuya Koyama, Hirokazu Ogino, Tania Afroj, Na Thi Nguyen, Hiroto Yoneda, Kenji Otsuka, Masamichi Sugimoto, Osamu Kondoh, Hiroshi Nokihara, et al. Identification of fibrocyte cluster in tumors reveals the role in antitumor immunity by PD-L1 blockade. Cell reports. 2023. 112162-112162
  • Seiya Ichihara, Hirokazu Ogino, Hiroto Yoneda, Keiko Haji, Kozo Kagawa, Kojin Murakami, Masato Mima, Yu Aoi, Atsushi Mitsuhashi, Yuki Tsukazaki, et al. Immune checkpoint inhibitor-related pneumonitis with atypical radiologic features in a patient with anti-aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase antibody. Respiratory medicine case reports. 2023. 41. 101797-101797
  • Masaki Hanibuchi, Atsushi Mitsuhashi, Tatsuya Kajimoto, Atsuro Saijo, Seidai Sato, Tetsuya Kitagawa, Yasuhiko Nishioka. Clinical significance of fractional exhaled nitric oxide and periostin as potential markers to assess therapeutic efficacy in patients with cough variant asthma. Respiratory investigation. 2022
  • Muneo Numasaki, Koyu Ito, Kiyoshi Takagi, Kengo Nagashima, Hirotsugu Notsuda, Hirokazu Ogino, Rika Ando, Yoshihisa Tomioka, Takashi Suzuki, Yoshinori Okada, et al. Diverse and divergent functions of IL-32β and IL-32γ isoforms in the regulation of malignant pleural mesothelioma cell growth and the production of VEGF-A and CXCL8. Cellular Immunology. 2022. 104652-104652
  • Makoto Tobiume, Atsushi Mitsuhashi, Atsuro Saijo, Hirokazu Ogino, Tania Afroj, Hirohisa Ogawa, Hisatsugu Goto, Seidai Sato, Akane Abe, Keiko Haji, et al. Analysis of the chemotactic factors for tumor-infiltrating fibrocytes and their prognostic significances in lung cancer. Oncology letters. 2022. 24. 5. 417-417
MISC (42):
  • 谷望未, 吉村彰紘, 山田忠明, 大熊裕介, 北台留衣, 竹田隆之, 兼松貴則, 後東久嗣, 米田浩人, 西岡安彦, et al. Retrospective analysis of docetaxel in combination with ramucirumab for previously treated non-small cell lung cancer patients. 日本呼吸器学会誌(Web). 2020. 9
  • 寺崎 泰弘, 國保 成暁, 寺崎 美佳, 功刀 しのぶ, 比島 恒和, 木島 貴志, 橋本 潔, 西岡 安彦, 清水 章. PPFEの病理学的特徴と弾性線維関連条件のUIPとの比較評価(Pathological features of PPFE with evaluation of elastic fiber related conditions comparing to UIP). 日本病理学会会誌. 2018. 107. 1. 344-344
  • The Mechanism of Resistance to Anti-angiogenic Therapy Mediated by Fibrocytes in Lung Cancer. 2017. 72. 4. 608-613
  • 森住 俊, 佐藤 正大, 阿部 秀一, 青野 純典, 河野 弘, 豊田 優子, 後東 久嗣, 西岡 安彦. ニンテダニブのfibrocyte機能に及ぼす作用と抗線維化効果 (第15回肺サーファクタント分子病態研究会). 分子呼吸器病. 2017. 21. 1. 116-119,図巻頭13
  • 寺崎 泰弘, 國保 成暁, 寺崎 美佳, 功刀 しのぶ, 比島 恒和, 木島 貴志, 橋本 潔, 西岡 安彦, 清水 章. 特発性および骨髄移植関連例の上葉優位型肺線維症型病変の病理学的特徴と弾性線維関連病態のUIP型との比較. 日本病理学会会誌. 2016. 105. 1. 454-454
Professional career (1):
  • (BLANK) (The University of Tokushima)
Work history (11):
  • 2022/04 - 現在 徳島大学医学部長
  • 2019/04 - 現在 徳島大学大学院医歯薬学研究部 地域リウマチ・総合内科学分野 特任教授(併任)
  • 2011/11 - 現在 The University of Tokushima Institute of Health Biosciences The University of Tokushima Graduate School
  • 2019/04 - 2022/03 The University of Tokushima
  • 2017/04 - 2019/03 The University of Tokushima
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