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Kawamura Shinzo

カワムラ シンゾウ | Kawamura Shinzo
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (2): Religious studies ,  Japanese history
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2005 - 2006 A Comparative Study of Integration and Division of "Universalism and Localism" in the Jesuit Mission Reports from 16th century to 18th century.
Papers (7):
  • Reading a new 'Hidden christian' document on 'Takata' district of Bungo. 2018. 152. 1-31
  • KAWAMURA SHINZO. A Re-examination of the Miyako Journey Narravives of Francis Xavier: In the context of the Co-relations prevailing among the Ouch Family, the Sakai Merchants, and the Honganji Temple, in the vicinity of the Inland Sea during the Tenbun Period (1532-1554). Sophia Historical Studies. 2010. 55. 15-49
  • KAWAMURA SHINZO. Es possible el dialogo interreligioso : Francisco Xavier y sus sucesores en Japon?. Manresa. 2006. 78. 307. 121-133
  • Kawamura, Shinzo. The Introduction of the System of "Confraternity" into Sixteenth-Century Japan as Viewed from the Global Historical Context: A Case of "Connected Histories". Bulletin of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies. 2006. 4. 95-110
  • Kawamura, Shinzo. Pope Benedict XVI and the Future of Inter-Religious Dialogues. Sophia. 2005. 53. 3. 37-58
MISC (5):
  • KAWAMURA SHINZO. Communities, Christendom, and the Unified Regime in early Moderan Japan. Christianity and Cultures Japan & China in Comparison 1543-1644. 2009. 151-165
  • KAWAMURA SHINZO. Witnessing to the Faith with One's Life: Thoughts on the Beatification of Petro(Pedro)Kibe and the other 187 Martyrs. The Japan Mission Journal. 2007. 61. 2. 75-80
  • KAWAMURA SHINZO. The Japanese Jesuit View of Non-christian Religions: From the Standpoint of Monotheism. 2007. 245-254
  • KAWAMURA SHINZO. An Evaluation of Valignano's Decision-making from the Viewpoint of Japanese Society. Integration and Division between Universalism and Localism in Jesuit Mission Reports and Histories: Sophia University International Colloquium 2005 REPORT. 2006. 101-114
  • KAWAMURA SHINZO. Making Christian Lay Communities during the "Christian Century" in Japan: A Case Study of Takata District in Bungo. Ph.D. Dissertation (Georgetown University). 1999
Books (5):
  • Promenade d'historiens
    Sophia University Press 2008 ISBN:9784324083925
  • 『Beyond borders : a global perspective of Jesuit mission history』
    Sophia University Press 2009 ISBN:9784324086100
  • Beyond borders : a global perspective of Jesuit mission history
    2009 ISBN:9784324086117
  • Introducing Catholic theology
    2009 ISBN:9784324086377
  • The Role of Jesuit Universities in Asia: Catholic Idntity and Catholic Education in Modern Japan since 1868.
    Sophia University Press 2015 ISBN:9784324099452
Lectures and oral presentations  (4):
  • 教皇ピウス9世と日本の信徒発見
    (カトリック萩・山口地区合同研修会 2017)
  • 豊後国高田庄肥後領切支丹文書から読み解く豊後キリシタンの消長
    (マレガ・プロジェクト研究会 2018)
  • 日本カトリック史:明治宣教後の歩み
    (カトリック大阪教区司牧者研修会 2018)
  • 日本近現代カトリック史の再考
    (日本カトリック司教総会勉強会 2018)
Professional career (2):
  • Sacred Theology Licenciate (Weston Jesuit School of Theology)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in History (Georgetown University)
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