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Shimatsu Takehito

シマツ タケヒト | Shimatsu Takehito
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Homepage URL  (2): http://db.tohoku.ac.jp/whois/detail/fc46c316ef8550d939fb15f6cb55933c.htmlhttp://db.tohoku.ac.jp/whois/e_detail/fc46c316ef8550d939fb15f6cb55933c.html
Research field  (3): Thin-film surfaces and interfaces ,  Electronic devices and equipment ,  Electric/electronic material engineering
Research keywords  (6): 超高真空 ,  磁性薄膜 ,  スパッタリングプロセス ,  磁気記録媒体 ,  原子拡散接合法 ,  室温接合技術
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • 2008 - 現在 原子拡散接合法による室温接合技術の開発とデバイス形成への応用
  • 1990 - 現在 Sputter film deposition process and microstructure of the deposited thin metal films
  • 1989 - 現在 High density perpendicular recording media
Papers (258):
  • Yuki Yamada, Masahiro Nada, Miyuki Uomoto, Takehito Shimatsu, Fumito Nakajima, Takuya Hoshi, Hideaki Matsuzaki. Minority-electron transport through atomic-diffusion-bonded InGaAs/a-Ge/InGaAs structure studied by photodiode characterization. Japanese Journal of Applied Physicss. 2020. 59. 1. 16501 (1-5)
  • Miyuki Uomoto, Takehito Shimatsu. Atomic diffusion bonding of Si wafers using thin Nb films. Japanese Journal of Applied Physicss. 2020. 59. SB. SBBC04 (1-3)
  • G. Yonezawa, Y. Takahashi, Y. Sato, S. Abe, M. Uomoto, T. Shimatsu. Atomic diffusion bonding using oxide underlayers for optical applications. Japanese Journal of Applied Physicss. 2020. 59. SB. SBBC03(1-5)
  • T. Saito, H. Makita, T. Moriwaki, Y. Suzuki, N. Kato, S. Wakayanagi, A. Miura, M. Uomoto, T. Shimatsu. Sputter film deposition to fabricate thick oxide films with extremely smooth surface suitable for room-temperature bonding. Japanese Journal of Applied Physicss. 2020. 59. SB. SBBC02 (1-3)
  • Shigenobu Matsuda, Miyuki Uomoto, Ayaka Miura, Takehito Shimatsu. Rearrangement of crystal lattice at a Ag/Ag and Au/Au bonded interface in atomic diffusion bonding. Japanese Journal of Applied Physicss. 2020. 59. SB. SBBC01(1-3)
MISC (16):
  • Tadatomo Suga, Naoteru Shigekawa, Eiji Higurashi, Takehito Shimatsu, Masakazu Sugiyama, Hideki Takagi, Noriaki Toyoda. Low Temperature Bonding for 3D Integration FOREWORD. JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS. 2018. 57. 2
  • 金原 大樹, 岡本 聡, 菊池 伸明, 北上 修, 島津 武仁. Magnetization switching in a dipolar coupled magnetic nanodot under the assistance of microwave field. 電気学会研究会資料. MAG = The papers of technical meeting on magnetics, IEE Japan. 2017. 2017. 138. 21-25
  • Takehito SHIMATSU, Miyuki UOMOTO. Room Temperature Bonding of Ceramics and Other Materials Using Thin Metal Films. CERAMICS JAPAN. 2016. 51. 2. 91-93
  • 島津 武仁. Industry-University Collaboration for "Mono-Zukuri". Journal of The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging. 2015. 18. 7
  • H. Suto, K. Kudo, T. Nagasawa, T. Kanao, K. Mizushima, R. Sato, S. Okamoto, N. Kikuchi, O. Kitakami, T. Shimatsu. A Theoretical Study of Thermally Activated Magnetization Switching under Microwave Assistance. 2015 IEEE MAGNETICS CONFERENCE (INTERMAG). 2015
Books (2):
  • 異種材料一体化のための最新技術 ~溶接・接着剤・一体形成・加飾~
    サイエンス&テクノロジー株式会社 2012 ISBN:9784864280365
  • advanced Technologies of Perpendicular Magnetic Recording
    シーエムシー出版 2007
Lectures and oral presentations  (279):
  • Atomic Diffusion Bonding of Wafers in Air using Thin Pt Films
    (The International Conference on Wafer Bonding, WaferBond '19 2019)
  • Microwave Assisted Switching on CoPtCr-Based Granular Media
    (Magnetics and Optics Research International Symposium(MORIS 2019) 2019)
  • Temporary SiC-SiC wafer bonding compatible with high temperature annealing
    (The 69th IEEE Electronic Components and Technology Conference(ECTC 2019) 2019)
  • SiC-SiC temporary bonding compatible with rapid thermal annealing at 1000 °C
    (WaferBond 2019 EAST 2019 6th International Workshop on Low Temperature Bonding for 3D Integration(LTB-3D 2019) 2019)
  • Novel Gratings for Astronomical Observations Fabricated by Latest Technologies
    (WaferBond 2019 EAST 2019 6th International Workshop on Low Temperature Bonding for 3D Integration(LTB-3D 2019) 2019)
Education (2):
  • - 1988 Tohoku University Graduate School, Division of Engineering 電子工学
  • - 1986 Tohoku University Faculty of Engineering 電子工学
Professional career (1):
  • Ph.D. (Tohoku University)
Awards (15):
  • 2019/05 - 191st Committee on Innovative Interface Bonding Technology Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Best Poster Presentation Award, 2019 6th International Workshop on Low Temperature Bonding for 3D Integration (LTB-3D) Novel Sputter Film Deposition to Fabricate Thick Films with Extremely Smooth Surface Suitable for Room Temperature Bonding
  • 2018/10 - Electrochemical Society (ECS) AiMES 2018 ECS and SMEQ Joint International Meeting Best Paper Award Atomic Diffusion Bonding for Optical Devices with High Optical Density
  • 2018/01/10 - University of New York, Japan Society for thePpromotion of Science Magnetics and Optics Research International Symposium(MORIS 2018) Best Poster Award Frequency dependence of microwave-assisted switching in CoCrPt granular perpendicular media
  • 2016/10/03 - Electrochemical Society (ECS) Best Presentation Award Among Invited Papers, 230th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society (ECS), PRiME 2016, Semiconductor Wafer Bonding 14: Science, Technology and Applications High Output Power Deep Ultraviolet Light-Emitting Diodes with Hemispherical Lenses Fabricated Using Room-Temperature Bonding
  • 2015/07/07 - 一般社団法人 エレクトロニクス実装学会 第29回エレクトロニクス実装学会春季講演大会 優秀賞 Auキャップ付金属薄膜を用いたウエハの大気中室温接合II(Cu, Al 薄膜)
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Association Membership(s) (4):
米国電気学会磁性分科(IEEE,Magnetics Society) ,  日本金属学会 ,  日本磁気学会 ,  エレクトロニクス実装学会
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