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MITA Hajime

ミタ ハジメ | MITA Hajime
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Homepage URL  (2): http://www.fit.ac.jp/%7Emita/index.htmlhttp://www.fit.ac.jp/~mita/index.html
Research field  (7): Green/Environmental chemistry ,  Functional solid state chemistry ,  Bio-related chemistry ,  Analytical chemistry ,  Polymer chemistry ,  Organic chemistry ,  Geochemistry/Astrochemistry
Research keywords  (3): Organic Geo Chemistry ,  Chemical Evolution ,  Astrobiology
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (6):
  • 2010 - 2012 High sensitive enantiomeric analysis of bioorganic compounds for cosmic samples
  • 2006 - 2007 Functional analyses of heme-DNA coordination complex and its implication for novel functional materials
  • 2002 - 2003 Formation of polyamino acids in the prebiotic conditions : production mechanisms and structures.
  • Study of Organic Compounds in the Sedimentary Rocks
  • Prebiotic Synthesis of Amino Acids and Peptides
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Papers (69):
  • Uesugi Masayuki, Ito Motoo, Yabuta Hikaru, Naraoka Hiroshi, Kitajima Fumio, Takano Yoshinori, Mita Hajime, Kebukawa Yoko, Nakato Aiko, Karouji Yuzuru. Further characterization of carbonaceous materials in Hayabusa-returned samples to understand their origin. METEORITICS & PLANETARY SCIENCE. 2019. 54. 3. 638-666
  • YAMAGISHI Akihiko, KAWAGUCHI Yuko, YOKOBORI Shin-ichi, HASHIMOTO Hirofumi, YANO Hajime, IMAI Eiichi, TABATA Makoto, KOBAYASHI Kensei, MITA Hajime. Tanpopo: Organics, Microbe Exposure and Micrometeorite, Microbe Capture Experiment. Aeronautical and Space Sciences Japan. 2018. 66. 6. 173-179
  • Akihiko YAMAGISHI, Takehiko SATOH, Atsuo MIYAKAWA, Yoshitaka YOSHIMURA, Satoshi SASAKI, Kensei KOBAYASHI, Yoko KEBUKAWA, Hikaru YABUTA, Hajime MITA, Eiichi IMAI, Takeshi NAGANUMA, Kazuhisa FUJITA and Tomohiro USUI. LDM (Life Detection Microscope): In Situ Imaging of Living Cells on Surface of Mars. Trans. JSASS Aerospace Tech. Japan. 2018. 16. 299-305
  • Kato Y, Jimbo M, Sakakibara Y, Onizuka R, Takahashi T, Matsuhashi S, Mita H, Amada K, Imahara Y, Tanabe K, Toda A, Kamiya H. Characterization of a novel allergenic protein from the octocoral Scleronephthya gracillima (Kuekenthal) that corresponds to a new GFP-like family named Akane. Luminescence : the journal of biological and chemical luminescence. 2017. 32. 6. 1009-1016
  • Maeno Akihiro, Kato Yuko, Jimbo Mitsuru, Amada Kei, Mita Hajime, Akasaka Kazuyuki. Conformational fluctuations in a green fluorescent protein-like Akane family protein: a high-pressure fluorescence study at 0.1-700MPa. HIGH PRESSURE RESEARCH. 2017. 37. 2. 224-232
MISC (58):
  • K. Kobayashi, H. Fushimi, T. Motoyama, T. Taniuchi, T. Kaneko, Y. Takano, J. Takahashi, H. Mita, H. Yabuta, H. Hashimoto, S. Yokobori, A. Yamagishi. Formation of Complex Amino Acid Precursors in Dense Clouds and Their Delivery to the Primitive Earth. The 9th European Workshop on Astrobiology EANA'09. 2009
  • Kobayashi, K., Kaneko, T., Takan, Y., Takahashi, J., mita, H., and Yamagishi, A. Quasi-Panspermia: Formation of Complex Amino Acid Precursors in Dense Clouds. Asia Oceanic Geosciences Society 2009. 2009
  • MITA, H., NOMOTO, S., YAMAMOTO, Y., and SHIMOYAMA, A. Mass spectroscopic analysis of copolymerization in the heating experiments of aqueous aspargine. Asia Oceanic Geosciences Society 2009. 2009
  • Yamagishi, A., Yano, H., Okudaira, K., Kobayashi, K., Yokobori, S., Tabata, M., Kawai, H., Yamashita, M., Hashimoto, H., Naraoka, H., and Mita, H. TANPOPO: Astrobioloy Exposure and Micrometeoroid Capture Experiments. Asia Oceanic Geosciences Society 2009. 2009
  • Ogawa, M., Kishimoto, M., Kobayashi, K., Mita, H., Naganawa, K., Sato, S., Wakana, I., Yabuta, H., Yamada, K., and Yoshimura, Y. Antarctic MARIMO as ecosystem - Structure, microorganisms and organic matter in a mass of the algae -. 10th SCAR, International Biology Symposium. 2009
Lectures and oral presentations  (398):
  • 緑膿菌シトクロムc551の高次構造安定化に関与する水素結合ネットワーク
    (日本化学会第83春季年会, 2003)
  • 現世および先カンブリア代ストロマトライトの酸化抽出で得たマレイミド類とフタルイミド類.
    (日本地球化学会2003年度年会, 2003)
  • 19FNMRによる還元型ミオグロビンの電子構造解析
    (第42回NMR討論会 2003)
  • 酸化型シトクロムc変異体における超微細電子構造解析.
    (第42回NMR討論会, 2003)
  • Fe-S配位結合の有無が緑濃菌シトクロムcの熱安定性に与える影響の解析
    (第18回生体機能関連化学部会 2003)
Works (1):
  • Study of ice on the Moon.
    2001 - 2001
Education (2):
  • - 1985 University of Tsukuba First Cluster of College
  • - 1987 Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School, Division of Integrated Science and Engineering
Professional career (2):
  • M. Eng. (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Ph.D. (Science) (University of Tsukuba)
Work history (1):
  • 1987 - 1993 Research Scientist, Japan Synthetic Rubber, Co. Ltd.
Committee career (1):
  • 2011/07 - ISSOL the International Astrobiology Society Councils member
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