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UNO Nobuhiro

ウノ ノブヒロ | UNO Nobuhiro
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (1): Asian history
Research keywords  (4): History of the Mongol Empire ,  Jami al-Tawarikh ,  Chinggis Khan ,  Historical Anthropology
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • Marriage relationships in the Nomadic states
  • Travels in Latin Language concerning the Mongol Empire
  • Persian historical sources concerning the Mongol Empire
Papers (11):
  • UNO Nobuhiro. The Kesigten of the Palace of the Mongol Empire and the Central Mingghan of the Ger-un ko'un belonging to Chinggis Khan. Omon Ronso. 2018. 96. 247-269
  • UNO Nobuhiro. Cinggis Qan and Joci Qasar. 2013. 11. 153-165
  • UNO Nobuhiro. Exchange-Marriage in the Royal Families ot the Nomadic States. The Early Mongols: Language, Culture and History, Indiana University Uralic and Altaic Series vol. 173, Bloomington: Indiana University. 2009. 175-182
  • UNO Nobuhiro. Process of Enlargements of Jami' al-Tavarikh by Rashid al-Din. Journal of Human Environmental Studies. 2003. 1-1. 2. 39-62
  • Symmetric Marriage Alliance in the Marriage Relationships of Chinggis Khan's Family. Bulletin of the National Museum of Ethnology Special Issue. 1999. 20. 1-68
MISC (4):
  • Hystoria Tartarorum Written by C.de Bridia : Japanese Translation and Commentary (1). Studies on the Inner Asian Languages. 1995. 10. 13-65
  • Hystoria Tartarorum Written by C. de Bridia : Japanese Translation and Commentary(2). Studies on the Inner Asian Languages. 1996. 11. 67-120
  • Reviews : Peter Jackson & David Morgan, The mission of Friar William of Rubruck. The Nairiku Ajiashi Kenkyu (Inner Asian Studies). 1997. 12. 89-97
  • Persian Inscription in Memory of the Establishment of a Kh(]E87BC[)nq(]E87BC[)h at Qara-qorum. Studies on the Inner Asian Languages. 1999. 14. 1-64
Books (2):
  • Exchange Marriage as Seen in the Marriage Relationships of the Liao Imperial House : From the Reign of Hsing-tsung to the Reign of Tao-tsung
    Eastern Studies Fiftieth Aniversary Volume(The Institute of Eastern Culture) 1997
  • Provisional Report of Researches on Historical Sites and Inscriptions in Mongolia from 1996 to 1998
    The Society of Central Eurasian Studies 1999
Lectures and oral presentations  (4):
  • 『集史』第1巻「モンゴル史」研究の現状と課題
    (中央民族大学蒙古文文献国際研討会(北京) 2004)
  • ラシードッディーン『集史』第1巻「モンゴル史」の諸写本に見られる増補と脱落
    (九州史学会イスラム文明学部会 2005)
  • モンゴル帝国史研究の現在
    (内陸アジア史学会 2016)
  • 初期モンゴル帝国をめぐる諸問題ーチンギス・カン、ケシク、ムスリム商人
    (京都大学羽田記念館定例講演会 2017)
Education (2):
  • - 1982 Waseda University Faculty of Literature
  • - 1988 Waseda University Graduate School, Division of Letters
Professional career (1):
  • (BLANK)
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