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ヨシノ ユキオ | YOSHINO Yukio
Research field  (3): Neurophysiology and muscle physiology ,  Educational technology ,  Social psychology
Research keywords  (3): Music Education ,  The Development of Music Behavior for Early Childhood. ,  Music Therapy
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (4):
  • Music Education for Training Nursery Governess.
  • Development of 4 and 5 years old Child Observed in Musical Play.
  • Music Therapy for the Mentally Retarded Child and Senile Dementia.
  • 2001 - 2002 Beginners guide for piano accompaniment to melody
MISC (10):
  • The Basic Idea of a Rhythmic Training in Music Education on the Course of Infant Education at College and University. 1974. 36
  • The Methodology in Music Education. 1976
  • An Experimental Research on the Development of the Educational Therapy Using Music. 1983
  • An Experimental Corroboration of Cognitive Processing Music Therapy for the Mentally Retarded Autistic Children. 1982. 11
  • The Theoretical Study on Music Therapy(I). 1984. 2
Books (11):
  • Let's Sing and Play the Piano(1)-to be a nice nurse-
    Ongaku no Tomosha 1993
  • The Effect of Music Bell in Kindergarten.
    Okura Shoin 1993
  • Let's Sing and Play the Piano (2) -to be a nice nurse-
    Ongaku no Tomosha 1994
  • PIANO TEXT -24 Lessons and application-
    Ongaku no Tomosha 1995
Works (12):
  • Teaching method of piano playing as expression activity in education of early childhood.
  • An Experimental Investigation of the Effectiveness of the Use of Musical Devises Upon the Cognitive Function of Retarded Autistic Children.
    1987 -
  • The Development of Music Faculty in Babyhood.
    1990 -
  • An Attempt to Improvement of Musical Nature of Infant-Educators -In Order to Let Them Learn Basic Ability and Applicational Ability-
    1991 -
  • The Relation of Traditional Children's Song and Babyhood.
    1992 -
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