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Ishii Motoaki

イシイ モトアキ | Ishii Motoaki
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (5): History - Japan ,  Literature - General ,  Literature - Chinese ,  Art history ,  Aesthetics and art studies
Research keywords  (2): History of Art in Italy ,  Cultural Exchange between Japan and Italy in Meji Period
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (4):
  • 2007 - 2008 Small bronzes in Northern Italy of Renaissance
  • Japanese Art in Meiji Period
  • Italian Renaissance Sculpture
  • International Exchange between Japan and Italy
Papers (57):
  • ISHII Motoaki. The Exhibition of the Chef d'oevres of Italian Painting (1928) and the contribution of Ettore Viola. Italian Studies. 2018. 68. 147-167
  • ISHII Motoaki. Studenti e setaioli giapponesi a Torino. Seta: Il filo d'oro che unì il Piemonte al Giappone (1865-1890). 2018. 31-35
  • ISHII Motoaki. Italy between the Two wars: between the private and the politics. Studies in Japonisme. 2018. 37別冊. 34-39
  • ISHII Motoaki. Japanese Art at the International Exposition of Modern Decorative Art in Turin in 1902. Studies in Artistic Culture. 2018. 26. 1-22
  • ISHII Motoaki. On the Portrait of Girl by Kiyo Kawamura. Essences of the Nation. 2018. 1467. 45-47
MISC (43):
  • ISHII Motoaki. Michelangelo and Venice. Monthly Report of Collegium Mediterranestarum. 2014. 366. 5-5
  • ISHII Motoaki. Angels of the mud. Monthly Report of Collegium Mediterranestarum. 2013. 361. 11-11
  • ISHII Motoaki. Chiyori Mizuno's "Stratus of Images" Nagoya University Press 2011. Reseaches in Mediterranean Studies. 2013. 36. 93-96
  • Motoaki Ishii. Item: Kiyoo Kawamura. Great Encyclopedia of Meiji Era. 2011. 1
  • Motoaki Ishii. Reception of Western Art in Meiji Period in Japan. Studies in Artistic Culture. 2008. 12. 177-190
Books (11):
  • Japanese Students in Italy in Meiji Period - Cultural Reception and Language Learning
    Yoshikawa Kobunkan 2017
  • Patronage in Venice - Paintings by Bellini and Titian and Francsicans
    Sangensha 2009
  • Venezia e il Giappone: studi sugli scambi culturali nella seconda meta' dell'Ottocento
    Istituto Nazionale di Archeologia e Storia dell'Arte 2004
  • Venezia e il Giappone - Studi sugli scambi culturali nella seconda metà dell'Ottocento
    Istituto Nazionale di Archaeologia e Storia dell'Arte 2004
  • La "Tempesta" interpretata (Salvatore Settis)
    Shobun-sha 2002
Lectures and oral presentations  (10):
  • Studenti giapponesi all'Istituto Internazionale Italiano
    (Seta: il filo d'oro che uni' il Piemonte con il Giappone 2018)
  • "Kiyō Kawamura, un pittore internazionale giapponese"
    (Italy and Japan: Relations and Exchanges through the Arts 2018)
  • Result and problems of the studies on Moriyoshi Naganuma: around his newly found works
    (The horizon of the Studies on Moriyoshi Naganuma 2018)
  • Japonisme Criticism in Italy - Around Vittorio Pica and Ugo Onetti
    (Human Network in Japonisme 2016)
  • Kilo Kawamura in New Art in Venice
    (Studies on Japonisme 2016)
Education (6):
  • - 2001 Scuola Normale Superire di Pisa Graduate School, Division of Philosophy and Thought Discipline storico-artistiche
  • - 1997 The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of Humanities
  • - 1987 The University of Tokyo Faculty of Letters
  • - 1987 The University of Tokyo Faculty of Literature Italian Literature and Language
  • - 1983 The University of Tokyo Faculty of Law
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Professional career (3):
  • Doctor of Philosophy (The University of Tokyo)
  • Master of Letters (The University of Tokyo)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa(Italy))
Work history (14):
  • Kansai University
  • Ritsumeikan University
  • The Open University of Japan
  • Osaka University
  • Osaka University of Arts
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Committee career (2):
  • 2009 - Association for Mediterranean Studies Member of Committee
  • Director for International Relations of Tsukamoto Gakuin Institute (Osaka University of Arts)
Awards (2):
  • 2000 - 5th Herend Prize of the Association for Mediterranean Studies
  • 2000 - 22th Premio Marco Polo
Association Membership(s) (6):
COLLEGIUM MEDITERRANISTARUM ,  Associazione per gli studi fiorentini ,  Association for Japonism Studies ,  Association for Art History ,  Association for the Studies of Meiji Art ,  Association for Italian Studies
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