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ハシモト ヨシヒロ | HASHIMOTO Yoshihiro
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (4): Reaction engineering/Process system ,  Control engineering/System engineering ,  Social systems engineering/Safety system ,  Properties in chemical engineering process/Transfer operation/Unit operation
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (2):
  • 2011 - 現在 Cyber security of Control systems
  • Nonlinear Control and Modeling
Papers (98):
  • T. Takamatsu, I. Hashimoto, Y. Hashimoto. Multivariable Control System Design of a Distillation Columns System. Proceedings of PSE'82, Kyoto, JAPAN. 1982. A-3. TS-7. 243-252
  • T. Takamatsu, I. Hashimoto, Y. Hashimoto. Multi-variable control system design of a heat-integrated distillation columns system. Proceedings of PACHEC'83, Seoul,KORE. 1983. A-3. A-2. 141-146
  • T. Takamatsu,I. Hashimoto, Y. Hashimoto. Dynamic Decoupler Sensitivity Analysis and Its Application in Distillation Control. Proceedings of 9th IFAC World Congress, Budapest,HUNGARY. 1984. 01.3. A-2. 98-103
  • T. Takamatsu, I. Hashimoto, Y. Hashimoto, Y. Togari. Selection of Manipulated Variables in Distillation Column Control to Minimize Multivariable Interaction. Kagaku Kogaku Ronbunshu. 1985. 11. 6. 640-646
  • T. Takamatsu, I. Hashimoto, T. Togari,Y. Hashimoto. Non-interacting Control System Design of a Distillation Column by the Partial Model Matching. Proceedings of DYCORD'86, Bournemouth, UK. 1986. 27. 4. 237-242
Books (2):
  • Plant Operation Enginnering
    Kaibundo Shuppan 1987
  • Chemical Engineering
    Maruzen 1997
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