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Kouichi C Nakamura

ナカムラ コウイチ | Kouichi C Nakamura
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Senior Postdoctoral Neuroscientist
Homepage URL  (2): http://kaken.nii.ac.jp/ja/r/10444457http://www.mbs.med.kyoto-u.ac.jp/
Research field  (4): Nerve anatomy/Neuropathology ,  Neurophysiology/General neuroscience ,  Neurophysiology/General neuroscience ,  Neurophysiology/General neuroscience
Research keywords  (6): Comprehensive Brain Science Network ,  Thalamus ,  Basal Ganglia ,  Cerebellum ,  Electrophysiology ,  Neuroanatomy
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (4):
  • 2014 - 2016 Decoding temporal coding in the cerebellothalamic synapses
  • 2009 - 2012 To move or not: generation and control of neuronal network oscillations in the basal ganglia
  • 2009 - 2010 Postnatal development of the upstream neuronal circuit that controls midbrain dopamine neurons
  • 2007 - 2009 Determine when inputs onto midbrain dopamin neurons are established
Papers (43):
  • Hirai D, Nakamura KC, Shibata K, Tanaka T, Hioki H, Kaneko T, Furuta T. Shaping somatosensory responses in awake rats: cortical modulation of thalamic neurons. Brain Structure and Function. 2017
  • Andrew Sharott, Federica Vinciati, Kouichi C. Nakamura, Peter J. Magill. A population of indirect pathway striatal projection neurons is selectively entrained to parkinsonian beta oscillations. The Journal of Neuroscience. 2017. 0658
  • Oe Y, Baba O, Ashida H, Nakamura KC, Hirase H. Glycogen distribution in the microwave-fixed mouse brain reveals heterogeneous astrocytic patterns. Glia. 2016. 64. 9. 1532-1545
  • Garas FN, Shah RS, Kormann E, Doig NM, Vinciati F, Nakamura KC, Dorst MC, Smith Y, Magill PJ, Sharott A. Secretagogin expression delineates functionally-specialized populations of striatal parvalbumin-containing interneurons. eLife. 2016. 5
  • Abdi Azzedine, Mallet Nicolas, Mohamed Foad Y, Sharott Andrew, Dodson Paul D, Nakamura Kouichi C, Suri Sana, Avery Sophie V, Larvin Joseph T, Garas Farid N, Garas Shady N, Vinciati Federica, Morin Stephanie, Bezard Erwan, Baufreton Jerome, Magill Peter J. Prototypic and Arkypallidal Neurons in the Dopamine-Intact External Globus Pallidus. Journal of Neuroscience. 2015. 35. 17. 6667-6688
MISC (1):
  • Kouichi C Nakamura. 小脳入力または大脳基底核入力を受ける視床運動核ニューロンの特性. Annual Review 神経. 2015
Lectures and oral presentations  (2):
  • パーキンソン病モデルラット視床運動核ニューロンの自発活動異常: 発火頻度かパターンか
    (生理学研究所研究会「大脳皮質を中心とした神経コネクトミクスとその動的特性を探る」 2014)
  • Neuronal activity in the motor thalamus of dopamine-intact and Parkinsonian rats: firing rate vs. pattern
    (NIPS International Workshop and Satellite Symposium of Neuroscience 2014: A quarter century after the direct and indirect pathways model of the basal ganglia and beyond 2014)
Professional career (1):
  • Ph.D. (Kyoto University)
Work history (7):
  • 2000/04 - 2002/03 Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University Master course student
  • 2002/04 - 2006/03 Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University Ph.D. Student
  • 2006/04 - 2009/03 CREST, JST Postdoctoral Researcher
  • 2009/04 - 2009/09 Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University Researcher
  • 2009/09 - 2012/09 MRC Anatomical Neuropharmacolgy Unit/Unversity of Oxford HFSP Long-Term Fellow
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Awards (1):
  • 2002/07 - Neuroscience Research Excellent Paper Award
Association Membership(s) (3):
The Japanese Association of Anatomists ,  The Japan Neuroscience Society ,  International Basal Ganglia Society
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