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Hitoshi Hayami

ハヤミ ヒトシ | Hitoshi Hayami
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Homepage URL  (2): http://news.fbc.keio.ac.jp/~hhayamihttp://news.fbc.keio.ac.jp/~hhayami
Research field  (3): Economic policy ,  Economic policy ,  Economic statistics
Research keywords  (4): Econometrics ,  Input-output analysis ,  Environmental Economics ,  Labour Economics
Papers (93):
  • u, HAYAMI HITOSHI, and, NAKAMURA MASAO. The Economic Impacts of Renewal Energy on Local Economies: The Case of Solar Energy in Japan. Journal of Technology Innovations in Renewable Energy. 2017. 6. 1. 7-17
  • Daisuke GOTO, Yasuhiro SAITO, Shinji ISHIMOTO, Koichi OKITA, Hitoshi HAYAMI. The long term space transportation cost forecast from the perspective of launch capability and GDP per capita. Space Propulsion 2016. 2016
  • u, HAYAMI HITOSHI, Masao Nakamura, Kazushige Shimpo. Economic performance, greenhouse gas emissions, environmental management and supply chains in India: A comparison with Japan. Sustainable Supply Chain Management. 2016
  • u, HAYAMI HITOSHI. 統計的学習手法による就業形態の推定と予測. 労働力需給の推計のための基礎研究-「社会生活基本調査」を用いたマイクロデータ分析-. 2015. 160. 109-158
  • Hitoshi HAYAMI, Masao Nakamura, Alice O. Nakamura. Economic performance and supply chains: The impact of upstream firms' waste output on downstream firms' performance in Japan. International Journal of Production Economics. 2015. 160. 47-65
Books (16):
  • 基礎からの統計学
    培風館 2012 ISBN:9784563010096
  • David N. Weil, Economic Growth, 2nd ed.
    ピアソン桐原 2010 ISBN:9784864010016
  • 宇宙太陽発電衛星のある地球と将来
    慶應義塾大学出版会 2009
  • The Input-Output Table for Environmental Analysis and its Applications
    Keio University Press 2008
  • The inter-industry propagation of technical change
    Keio Economic Observatory, Keio University 2008 ISBN:9784907688004
Lectures and oral presentations  (28):
  • Input-Output Relation and Distribution of Emission-Recycling-Final Disposal Coefficients of the Japanese Industrial Wastes at the Establishment Level
    (The 18th International Input-output Association Conference 2010)
  • Efficiency of industrial waste management and its path dependency: An establishment linked input-output analysis to the best practice guidance in Japan
    (The 17th International Input-output Association Conference 2009)
  • Reduction of industrial waste and CO2 emission: evidence from microdata linked with the IO table of Japan
    (The Intermediate Input-output Meeting 2008)
  • The changing structures of greenhouse gas emissions and managerial applications: Canada and Japan, 1990-2000
    (The Intermediate Input-output Meeting 2008)
  • Detecting Perception Gap, Discontinuity and Changes of the Consumer's Behaviour: An Input-Output Approach to the Economic Impact of Infectious Diseases
    (The 16th International Input-Output Conference 2007)
Works (23):
  • 成長の経済学:世界の経済を発展させてきた原動力とは何か
    u, HAYAMI HITOSHI 2013 - 現在
  • 特集:地球環境に向きあう,座談会 3.11後,環境問題にいかに取り組むか
    2013 - 現在
  • 環境政策が今後の雇用におよぼす影響-環境と雇用を考える-
    u, HAYAMI HITOSHI 2009 - 現在
  • 労働時間,労働経済と統計
    u, HAYAMI HITOSHI 2004 - 現在
  • 新現代社会
    u, HAYAMI HITOSHI 2002 - 現在
Professional career (2):
  • MA(Economics) (Department of Economics, Keio Univeristy)
  • PhD(Commerce) (Faculty of Business and Commerce)
Work history (4):
  • 2004/04 - 大学教授(商学部)
  • 2003/04 - 大学教授(産業研究所) 2004年4月より兼担, 2007年10月より2012年3月末まで所長
  • 1994/04 - 2003/03 大学助教授(産業研究所)
  • 1989/04 - 1994/03 大学助手(産業研究所)
Awards (1):
  • 1995/09 - 産業研究所 第7回日経地球環境技術賞(共同) Compiling the envioronmental input-output tables and the applications
Association Membership(s) (3):
International input-output analysis ,  Japan Statisitcal Society ,  American Statistical Society
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