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Tsukahara Akihito

ツカハラ アキヒト | Tsukahara Akihito
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (5): Money and finance ,  Public economics, labor economics ,  Economic policy ,  Economic policy ,  Theoretical economics
Research keywords  (3): The Regulation of Financial Markets ,  Researches in the Economic Policy of Japan ,  Theories of Business Cycles
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • Corporate Finance
  • Prudential Policy and Financial System
  • Stock Economy and Financial Behavior of Individuals
MISC (6):
  • "Research on the Secretarial Ability in the Outsourcing Period". Research argument collection JAPAN ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGES FOR BUSINESS EDUCATION. 1999. 13-57
  • Lifelong education and Extension function. Public information Tondabayashi City. 1998. 576
  • Decentralization and Urban Management. 1994
  • Research on the Japanese Postwar Economy -Evaluation of the Rapid Industrial Expansion by Leading Industries-. Review of International Buddhist University Faculty of Letters. 1990. 22
  • Some considerations on Economic Development and Leading Industries. Review of International Buddhist University Faculty of Letters. 1985. 17
Books (3):
  • The elementary knowledge of the occupation person Secretary learning outline
    KYOEI Publication 2000
  • "Prince Shotoku's root-like, welfare idea"
    Prince Shotoku who lives in the present day 1998
  • Financial Deregulation and Reform of Institutions-Interest Rate Liberalization and Bank Behavior-
    International Buddhist University Series, vol. 11. 1993
Works (6):
  • It thinks about life learning toward the 21st century, Over the new function role of the life learning promotion of the area and the advanced educational facilities.
    1998 -
  • Private university and life learning function. HSN network.
    1998 -
  • Social Partnership : The Austrian System of Relations and Social Insurance, ILA Press (翻訳共同作業)
    1993 -
  • Structural Analyses of the Japanese Financial System
    1992 -
  • THE LAW OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS -legal protection and enforcement of claims- -strikes and lockouts-
    1991 -
Professional career (1):
  • (BLANK) (Seijo University)
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