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Chikayoshi Sumi

スミ チカヨシ | Chikayoshi Sumi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate Professor
Homepage URL  (1): http://www13.plala.or.jp/Sumi-lab/
Research field  (5): Measurement engineering ,  Communication and network engineering ,  Medical systems ,  Biomaterials ,  Biomedical engineering
Research keywords  (12): sonar, rader ,  coherent signal processing ,  electromagnetic wave, permeability, Magnetic field, MR, SQUID measurement ,  permittivity,conductivity ,  thermal treatment (hyperthermia) ,  ultrasonic and MR measurements, cancer ,  thermal conductivily, thermal diffusivity, thermal capacity ,  displacement vector, strain tensor, visco elastic modulus, shear modulus, visco-shear modulus ,  temperature,Ultrasound,MR,Infra-red ,  HIFU(High Intensity Focus Ultrasound) ,  environmental measurement ,  inverse problem
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (2):
  • 1996 - 1998 Research fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (PD)
  • 1996 - 1996 Research fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (DC)
Papers (214):
  • 1件. 2018
  • Chikayoshi Sumi. New Phase Matching Method for Ultrasonic Tissue Displacement Measurement. Proceedings of Symposium on Ultrasonic Electronics. 2017. 2頁
  • 計2件: 電子情報通信学会超音波研究会2件(内、アコースティックイメージング研究会と日本非破壊検査協会超音波部門との共催1件). 2014
  • 計2件: Proc of Int Tissue Elasticity Conf. 2014
  • 計8件: 電子情報通信学会超音波研究会5件(内、アコースティックイメージング研究会3件、日本超音波医学会基礎技術研究会1件、日本非破壊検査協会超音波部門1件、日本塑性加工学会超音波応用分科会1件共催)、日本音響学会アコースティックイメージング研究会6件(内、超音波研究会3件、基礎技術研究会2件、超音波分子治療研究会1件、光超音波画像研究会1件、日本生体医工学会専門別研究会1件共催). 2013
Books (8):
  • 『Ultrasound imaging』 「Ultrasonic measurement and imaging with lateral modulation: echo, tissue motion, and elasticity」
    InTech 2011 ISBN:9789533072395
  • 『Acoustical Imaging v. 29』 「Increasing Accuracy of Tissue Shear Modulus Reconstruction Using Ultrasonic Strain Tensor Measurement」
    Springer 2009 ISBN:9781402088223
  • 『Acoustical Imaging v. 29』 「Tissue thermal property reconstruction by stopping heating and perfusion」
    Springer 2009 ISBN:9781402088223
  • Reconstruction of 3-dimensional distributions of tangential current density components using volume magnetic vector
    Biomagnetism: Transdisciplinary Research and Exploration 2008
  • 『Research and Development in Breast Ultrasound』 「Usefulness of ultrasonic strain measurement-based mechanical properties imaging technique: toward realization of short-time diagnosis/treatment」
    Springer 2005 ISBN:9784431402770
Work history (2):
  • 1996/04/01 - 1998/03/31 Sophia University
  • 1996/01/01 - 1998/03/31 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Awards (1):
  • 2006/05 - Young Investigator Award of 11th Congress of the World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology
Association Membership(s) (13):
International Journal of Biomedical Imaging ,  Journal of Medical Engineering ,  Reports in Medical Imaging ,  The 7th Congress of the Asian Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, Scientific Programme Committee (AFSUMB 2004) ,  29th International Symposium on Acoustical imaging committee ,  ASME ,  The Acoustical Society of Japan ,  The Visualization Society of Japan ,  The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan ,  The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers ,  IEEE (Senior member) ,  The Japan Society of Ultrasonics in Medicine(Enginnering Fellow) ,  Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering
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