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Tampo Hitoshi

タンポ ヒトシ | Tampo Hitoshi
Affiliation and department:
Homepage URL  (1): http://www.aist.go.jp/RESEARCHERDB/cgi-bin/worker_detail.cgi?call=namae&rw_id=H58458129
Research field  (1): Thin-film surfaces and interfaces
Papers (43):
  • Kaede Makiuchi, Fumio Kawamura, Junjun Jia, Yelim Song, Shunichiro Yata, Hitoshi Tampo, Hidenobu Murata, Naoomi Yamada. Pressure-Induced Transition from Wurtzite and Epitaxial Stabilization for Thin Films of Rocksalt MgSnN2. Chemistry of Materials. 2023
  • Fumio Kawamura, Yelim Song, Hidenobu Murata, Hitoshi Tampo, Takehiko Nagai, Takashi Koida, Masataka Imura, Naoomi Yamada. Tunability of the bandgap of SnS by variation of the cell volume by alloying with A.E. elements. Scientific Reports. 2022. 12. 1. 7434
  • Changwook Jeong, Takehiko Nagai, Shogo Ishizuka, Hitoshi Tampo, Shibata Hajime, Shinho Kim, Yangdo Kim. Examination of Suitable Bandgap Grading of Cu(InGa)Se 2 Bottom Absorber Layers for Tandem Cell Application. physica status solidi (a). 2021
  • Ilyeong Kwon, Takehiko Nagai, Shogo Ishizuka, Hitoshi Tampo, Hajime Shibata, Shinho Kim, Yangdo Kim. Improving the performance of pure sulfide Cu(InGa)S2 solar cells via injection annealing system. Current Applied Physics. 2021. 22. 71-76
  • Shinho Kim, Takehiko Nagai, Hitoshi Tampo, Shogo Ishizuka, Hajime Shibata. Large open-circuit voltage boosting of pure sulfide chalcopyrite Cu(In,Ga)S-2 prepared using Cu-deficient metal precursors. PROGRESS IN PHOTOVOLTAICS. 2020. 28. 8. 816-822
MISC (27):
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