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MINATO Atsushi

ミナト アツシ | MINATO Atsushi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Other affiliations (3):
  • Ibaraki University  Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Engineering) 
  • Ibaraki University  Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Engineering), Common section   Professor
  • Ibaraki University  Institute for University Education and Student Support, Department of Global Education 
Research field  (3): Measurement engineering ,  Kansei informatics ,  General applied physics
Research keywords  (6): 鉛直判定センサの開発と測量・防災分野への応用 ,  可視光や超音波を利用した計測・通信技術の開発 ,  Arduino,ルネサス,PSOC,RaspberryPi,mbedなどを使ったIoT,ネットワークセンシング技術 ,  色,分光測定システムの開発と応用 ,  生体情報の計測と応用 ,  CO2計測システムの開発と応用
Papers (93):
  • Ping WANG, Yuko Ishikawa, D.D.G.L.Dahanayaka and Atsushi Minato. Portable Water Color Monitoring System Using Microcontroller for Phytoplankton Bloom Measurement in Japanese Lake. International Journal of Modern Engineering Research. 2018. 8. 7. 50-59
  • D.D.G.L. Dahanayaka, S.B. Quarmal, K.N.S. Warnajith, G. Dassanayake, H. Tonooka, A. Minato and S. Ozawa. Expansion of the Remote Sensing Research on water environments of Asia through KISSEL Server System. ICT for Development Working Paper Series. 2015. 5. 1. 54-63
  • D.D.G.L. Dahanayaka, H. Tonooka, M.J.S. Wijeyaratne, A. Minato and S. Ozawa. Comparison of Three Chlorophyll-A Estimation Approaches Using Aster Data Acquired Over Sri Lankan Coastal Water Bodies. Malaysian J. Remote Sensing & GIS. 2015. 4. 21-29
  • G. Anne Nisha, Nalin Warnajith, Hiroshi Tsuchida, Atsushi Minato. Wireless sensor network system for inclination measurement using spirit level. Int. J. Modern Engineering Research. 2015. 5. 4. 1-8
  • Nalin Warnajith, Nguyen Cao Thang, Sataru Ozawa, Atshushi Minato. Mobile Radiation Measuring System using Small Linux box and GPS sensor. Int. J. Modern Engineering Research. 2015. 5. 2. 1-8
MISC (2):
  • Mo Yang, Nalin Warnajith, Atsushi Minato, Satoru Ozawa. Development of Perpendicular Sensor for Disaster Prevention. Global Conference on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering(GCCSEE) Shenzhen, China. 2013
  • A. Minato, S. Liu, F. Guo, M. Itaba and S. Ozawa. A Simple Optical Audio Signal Transmitting System Using Maximum Length Sequence. Proc. of IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Biomimetics (China). 2009
Patents (5):
  • 傾斜変化測定センサネットワーク装置及び傾斜変化測定センサネットワークシステム
  • 傾斜変化量監視システム及び傾斜変化量監視方法
  • 鉛直判定センサ及び鉛直測量システム
  • 鋭角後方反射装置
  • キューブコーナーリトロリフレクター
Books (2):
  • 地球環境工学ハンドブック
    オーム社 1993
  • 工学基礎ミニマムシリーズ 物理ミニマム 第2版
    学術図書出版社 2006
Lectures and oral presentations  (19):
  • Application of Simulated Annealing for Extraction of Outlines from Binary Image or Grey Image
    (2nd ISCIU 2006)
  • Printed circuit diagnosis by image processing
    (2nd ISCIU 2006)
  • Development a new light communication system with LED
    (2nd ISCIU 2006)
  • New method of detecting position of car for intelligent traffic signal
    (2nd ISCIU 2006)
  • Application to counseling effect confirmation of face Motion picture image analysis technique
    (2nd ISCIU 2006)
Education (1):
  • - 1988 The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of Engineering Applied Physics
Work history (4):
  • 1988/04 - 1995/03 国立環境研究所,研究員および主任研究員
  • 1995/04 - 1998/03 茨城大学工学部共通講座講師
  • 1998/03 - 2011/03/31 茨城大学 助教授
  • 2011/04/01 - 茨城大学 教授
Awards (1):
  • 1992 - 第2回日経地球環境技術賞
Association Membership(s) (3):
電子情報通信学会 ,  計測自動制御学会 ,  ライフサポート学会
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