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Minagawa Kiminobu

ミナガワ キミノブ | Minagawa Kiminobu
Research field  (7): Fetal medicine/Pediatrics ,  Healthcare management, medical sociology ,  Hygiene and public health (non-laboratory) ,  Hygiene and public health (laboratory) ,  Hygiene and public health (non-laboratory) ,  Hygiene and public health (laboratory) ,  Healthcare management, medical sociology
Research keywords  (1): Health Science
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • Influence of Tuberculous Infection on Intractable Asthma in Childhood
MISC (8):
  • BASOPHIL DESENSITIZATION (]G0002[), Mechanism of Cell Desensitization. Japanese Journal of Allergology. 1983. 32. 9
  • Subthreshold and Suboptimal Desensitization of Human Basophils I. Kinetics of Decay of Releasability. International Archives of Allergy and Applied Immunology. 1982. 68. 2
  • Basophil Releasability in the Newborn : Factors Limiting Immunoglobulin E-Mediated Histamine Release. PEDIATRICS. 1982. 69. 2
  • BASOPHIL DESENSITIZATION I. Induction, Properties and Significance. Japanese Journal of Allergology. 1981. 30. 11
  • Effects of Troches and Oral Administration of Egg-white Lysozyme on the Lysozyme Level in the Human Serum. THE SAISHIN-IGAKU. 1976. 31. 6
Books (2):
  • A Guide to the Health and Hygiene of Children for Dental Practice
  • CLINICAL MEDICINE in connection with dentistry
    ISHIYAKU-SHUPPAN Co. Ltd. 1975
Works (3):
  • Tooth brushing training in the lower grades of primary school
    1977 -
  • Considerations on the preparing methods of the formula of modified powered milk
    1971 -
  • Relationships between asthma in children and air pollution as a indicator of SO<sub>2</sub>
    1969 -
Professional career (1):
  • Medical Doctor (Nihon University)
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