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Kuroiwa Takashi

クロイワ タカシ | Kuroiwa Takashi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (10): Mechanics and mechatronics ,  Robotics and intelligent systems ,  Intelligent robotics ,  Perceptual information processing ,  Soft computing ,  Computational science ,  Mathematical informatics ,  Optical engineering and photonics ,  Control and systems engineering ,  Control and systems engineering
Research keywords  (13): Autonomous System ,  Intelligent Transport Systems ,  Cluster analysis ,  Pattern Recognition ,  Access Performance ,  Optical Disk Library ,  Urban Planning ,  Wave Propagation ,  Fractal Analysis ,  Image Processing ,  Nonlinear Optics ,  Photorefractive Crystal ,  Adaptive Signal Processing
Papers (17):
  • Hirotomo Ohuchi, Sho Shimazaki, Koji Ohdaira, Toshihiro Kimura, Setsuko Kanai, Takashi Kuroiwa. Correlation between existing area based on ambulance transport and fractal dimension of road network form. International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology. 2015. 4. 148-157
  • Masao Ishii, Satoshi Yamada, Takashi Kuroiwa, Mitsuhito Matsubara, Hirotomo Ohuchi. Typological Characteristics of Small Rural Cities. JOURNAL OF ASIAN ARCHITECTURE AND BUILDING ENGINEERING. 2014. 13. 2. 405-412
  • Hiromu Kimura, Takashi Kuroiwa, Hirotomo Ohuchi, Mitsuhito Matsubara. An Empirical Study on Optimal Location Planning with a focus on Cooperation between Doctor Car and Medical Facilities in Emergency Medical Care System. Papers on Environmental Information Science. 2012. 26. 159-164
  • Satoshi Yamada, Toshihiro Kimura, Yu Teshima, Takashi Kuroiwa, Mitsuhito Matsubara, Hirotomo Ohuchi. Study on Landscape Recognition of Changes in Physical Environment Uses Image Processing Technology in Historical City Kamakura. The International Union of Architects The 24th World Congress of Architecture, UIA2011 Academic Program. 2011. 382-387
  • Satoshi Yamada, Tomohide Atsumi, Takashi Kuroiwa, Koichi Sakaguchi, Mitsuhito Matsubara, Hirotomo Ohuchi. Landscape Recognition of Local Inhabitants by Physical Environmental Change in Historical City Kamakura. Papers on Environmental Information Science. 2006. 20. 277-282
MISC (2):
  • 矢澤翔大, 中野裕悟, 萩原 涼, 片桐正人, 江頭雅之, 工藤祐輔, 黒岩 孝, 新妻清純. Nitriding of Fe-Co Foil Irradiated with Notrogen/Hydrogen-Mixture Plasma. 静電気学会誌. 2019. 44. 1. 2-7
  • Natsuki OKADA, Hiroki AGATSUMA, Toshihiro KIMURA, Takashi KUROIWA, Yoko KOJIMA, Hirotomo OHUCHI. Study on collective form using fractal dimension analysis of water settlement in Cambodia: On the Seasonal Change of Collective Form in Tonle Sap Lake / Chong Kneas District. 40th Symposium on Computer Technology of Information, Systems and Applications. 2017. 40. 239-244
Patents (1):
  • Apparatuses and Methods for the Classification of Form or the Extraction of Change Region
Lectures and oral presentations  (106):
  • Study on the Utilization of Communication Robot to Teaching Assistant for the Electrical Experiment
    (2020年電子情報通信学会総合大会 2020)
  • Study on detection of vehicles on two-lane by using fractal image analysis
    (令和2年度電気学会全国大会 2020)
  • On the Optimal Extraction of the Image for on-road Vehicle Tracking by Using Fractal Analysis
    (2019 Photonics and Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS) Xiamen 2019)
  • On the Optimization of Detection Images for On-load Vehicle Tracking by Using Fractal Analysis
    (第52回(令和元年度)日本大学生産工学部学術講演会 2019)
  • On the Utilization of Communication Robot to Teaching Assistance for the Experimental Training
    (電気学会教育フロンティア研究会 2019)
Education (1):
  • - 1995 Nihon University Graduate School, Division of Science and Engineering Graduate Course in Electrical Engineering
Professional career (2):
  • Ph.D (Nihon University)
  • Master of Engineering (Nihon University)
Awards (2):
  • 2004/03/22 - Young Researcher's Award from the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE)
  • 1987/03 - The Hatakeyama prize from Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers(JSME)
Association Membership(s) (6):
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. ,  The Society of Instrumenta and Control Engineers ,  Information Processing Society of Japan ,  The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers ,  The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan ,  The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers of Japan
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