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コタニ カンジ | KOTANI Kanji
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (3): Sports science ,  Sociology ,  Education
Research keywords  (3): Physical Education ,  Sports Sociology ,  Educational Law
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • Study of Sports Accidents and Complications
  • Study of Historical and Social Skill in Physics
  • E-boat movement as a social experiment for green sports
MISC (18):
  • A Study on Current Community Sports (co-authored). Gyosei. 1991
  • A Study on the legal Features and Problems in Sports Accidents ーFor Institutional Response. Sociological Journal of Physical Education and Sports. 1985. 4. 77-93
  • The Structure and Function of Sports Rules ーTo Built up a New Basic Paradigm for Analysis of Sports Rules. ー. Sociological Journal of Physical Education and Sports. 1986. 5. 23-47
  • A Study on Physical Education Teachers' Recognition of Direction and "Corporal Punishment". Research Journal of Physical Education. Yamaguchi. 1987. 31. 1-13
  • Reconsideration on the Theory of Sports as an Institution ーFocusing on J. W. Loy's Paradigmー (co-authored). Japan Journal of Physical Education. 1988. 33. 1. 1-13
Books (7):
  • A Study on Japanese Style Sportsーin a focus on "Wa, harmony" in the sports sceneー
    A Design in Health and Sports (co-authored), Gyousei 1984
  • Sociology of Building up Sports Groups and Players (co-authored)
    Douwasyoin 1988
  • Creation and Development of Community Sports (coauthored)
    Taisyukan Syoten 1990
  • Sports Revolution on Life long Integrated SportsーA Green Sports to live together mountain, River and Sea
    The Sociology of Life Long Integrated Sports 1997
  • Social Experiment-Community-Making Techneque through Partnership-
    Toyokeizai shinpousha 1999
Education (1):
  • - 1967 Hiroshima University Faculty of Education
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