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Okada Shinobu

オカダ シノブ | Okada Shinobu
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Chiba University
Research field  (1): Basic nursing
Research keywords  (2): Nursing skill ,  Infection control
Papers (7):
  • Kang Longfei, Shinobu Okada, Toshiko Ogawa, Zhang Yingqi. Evaluation of Effectiveness of Comprehensive Oral Hygiene Management in Mechanical Ventilation Patients in Chinese Intensive Care Unit. International Journal of Nursing & Clinical Practices. 2021. 8. 1
  • Effect of using portable alcohol-based handrub on nurses’ hand hygiene compliance and nasal carriage of staphylococcus aureus in a low-income health setting. American Journal of Infection Control. 2020. 48. 5. 473-479
  • 2. Kameda N*,Isono S, Okada S. Effects of postoperative active warming and early exercise on postoperative body temperature distribution: Non-blinded and randomized controlled trial. Japanese Journal of Nursing Science. 2020
  • Relationship between resistance to antibiotics and insusceptibility to biocide of Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated in Indonesian hospitals. International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences. 2018. 6. 6. 1890-1897
  • Shinobu Okada, Akina Sudo, Junko Nishio. Topical Application of Sesame Oil for the Prevention of Chemotherapy- Induced Oral Mucositis: Pilot Study in Seven Hematopoietic Cancer Patients. International Journal of Nursing & Clinical Practices. 2015. 2. 2
MISC (7):
Books (3):
  • 微生物学・感染看護学 : 微生物から感染防止を考える第二版
    医歯薬出版 2021 ISBN:9784263237540
  • 疾病の成立と回復促進 : 人体の構造と機能及び疾病B
    放送大学教育振興会 2021 ISBN:9784595322600
  • 微生物学・感染看護学 : 微生物から感染防止を考える
    医歯薬出版 2013 ISBN:9784263235836
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