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Ichihashi Masaru

イチハシ マサル | Ichihashi Masaru
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Economic policy
Research keywords  (5): International Development ,  Input-Output Analysis ,  Poverty Reduction ,  Econometric Statistical Analysis ,  Comparative Economic Development
Papers (58):
  • Masaru Ichihashi. A Note of Philosophical Thought on Poverty Reduction through Industrialization. 2020. 1-12
  • Katsufumi Fukuda. Estimation of Welfare Change due to the Trade Environment Change in China after Joining the World Trade Organization in 2001. Review of Economics and Institutions. 2019. 10. 2
  • Bouasone Sengsourivong, Masaru Ichihashi. Effectiveness of Irrigation Access on Sticky Rice Productivity: Evidence from Lao PDR. Sustainability. 2019. 11. 20. 5839-5839
  • Masaru Ichihashi. Notes on the Historical Approach as a Methodology of Macroeconomics: A Critique to Contemporary Macroeconomics. 2019. 1-23
  • Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc, Masaru Ichihashi, Makoto Kakinaka. The link between financial leverage and investment decisions in Vietnam's small and medium-sized enterprises. Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics. 2019. forthcoming
MISC (1):
  • Yutaka Ito, Ram Dhital, Daisaku Goto, Masaru Ichihashi, Takahiro Ito, Keisuke Kawata, Satoru Komatsu, Yuki Yamamoto, Yuichiro Yoshida, Shinji Kaneko. Social Factors Determining the Physical Design Performances of the Solar Water Pumping Systems in Rural Nepal. IDEC Discussion Paper Series. 2014. 3
Books (10):
  • 『広島県信用組合60年史』
    広島県信用組合60年史編纂委員会 2014
  • 情報活用基礎2008年版 情報化社会への招待
    学術図書出版 2008 ISBN:9784780600414
  • 『はじめての数理統計学』
    近代科学社 2007
  • 『日本経済の構造変化と長期推移の経済分析』
    広島大学出版会 2007
  • 『情報活用基礎2003年度版 情報化社会への招待』
    学術図書出版 2003
Awards (2):
  • 2012/04 - International Conference on Economics, Trade and Development (ICETD) Best Paper Award in 2012 2nd International Conference on Economics, Trade and Development (ICETD)
  • 2008/12 - Best Paper Award in Global Academy of Business & Economic Research (GABER) International Conference
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