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Affiliation and department:
Papers (75):
  • An Attempt of Online Education in University Primary Foreign Languages: Focusing on the 2020 Hiroshima University Intensive Chinese Language Linkage Class under covid-19. Bulletin of Morito International Academy of Higher Education, Hiroshima University. 2022. 4. 1-21
  • About Nishang Yuyi. Heritage Textology. 2022. 167-193
  • The Relation between the Belief in the Queen Mother of the West and Chanting in Dunhuang. 2022. 31. 45-55
  • The Social Environment Surrounding Women in the Tang Dynasty from Dunhuang Literature: Focusing on Changes in Literature during the Warring Period. Modern East Asia and Japanese Culture. 2021. 505-548
  • 「神」「仏」理解から見た中国宗教. 神仏融合の東アジア. 2021. 54-77
Books (10):
  • Dunhuang and the Beliefs of East Asia : Volume 2 [Folklore Materials Research and Survey]
  • Dunhuang and the Beliefs of East Asia _ Volume 1: Studies in Buried Materials
  • 仏教文学研究論集続編
    復旦大学出版社 2011
  • 敦煌変文写本的研究
    中華書局 2010 ISBN:9787101075328
  • 敦煌講唱文学写本研究
    中華書局 2010 ISBN:9787101071672
Lectures and oral presentations  (57):
  • Belief in and Chanting of the Queen Mother of the West in Dunhuang
    (International Research Meeting Symposium Ancient 12 2022)
  • Tongwei fireworks - A study of the ritual of burning lanterns in the first month of the year in rural China
    (2022 Annual Conference and International Symposium on Chinese Kulture Research 2022)
  • Dunhuang Singspiration Literature - Between Dynamic and Static
    (Academic Exchange Seminar 2022)
  • The statue of the god of wind and thunder and the thousand-armed, thousand-eyed kannon
    (International Symposium on Chinese Literature and Cultural Exchange in East Asia 2021)
  • Dunhuang Documents and Xuanzang Sanzang
    (International Workshop "Xuanzang Links Central Asia and Japan 2021)
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