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Iwatate Kyoko

イワタテ キョウコ | Iwatate Kyoko
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Educational psychology
Research keywords  (5): 学び ,  発達 ,  幼児期 ,  評価 ,  幼児教育
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 幼児教育における様々な評価、幼児理解と評価の方法
MISC (59):
  • The beginnings of an infant's feelings of guilt and how they are expressed with regard to non-compliance: Through naturalistic observation at a day care center. Bulletin of Tokyo Gakugei University. 2019. 70. 63-71
  • Meaning of the education which is apropuriate for individual child. Early childhood education JIHOU. 2018. 46. 9. 5-11
  • How can we take advantage of new Course of Study of Kindergarten Education for the Improvement of the Quality of Kindergarten Education?. Youji Kyouiku Jihou. 2017. 45. 1. 13-19
  • The analysis of the assessment of the development and learning in early childhood. The Bulletin of Okayama Prefectural University. 2017. 24. 1. 67-80
  • The relationship between non-cognitive skill, cognitive skill and parent-child interaction in their home. The Bulletin of the Department of Home Economics of Kyoritsu Women's University. 2017. 65. 4. 28-35
Books (39):
  • Theory and Method of Understanding on preschool children.
    Koseikan Pblisher 2019 ISBN:9784332701897
  • National teacher-training curriculum Chapter 15 Theory and Method of Understanding on Preschool Children.
    Jidai-sha Publisher 2018 ISBN:9784909124104
  • Aims and Contets for Human Relationship of Early Childhood Education
    Koseikan Publisher 2018
  • How do we organize the kindergarten curriculum? -The proposal of Model Curriculum-
    Houbun Shorin 2017 ISBN:9784893472717
  • Current Teachers in Japan.
    The Open University of Japan. 2015 ISBN:9784595315909
Lectures and oral presentations  (84):
  • Supporting young children in the Learning of Values and Rules in School Settings
    (The 12th Anniversary Conference od the Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education(APNME) 2018)
  • Developmental Phase of Emergence of Cognitive Competence -Change of Trial and Error-
  • The difference between kindergarten teachers and parents on the assessment of Non-cognitive Skill of Young Children.
  • The relationship between cognitive skill , non-cognitive skill and home environment -the analysis based on ECEC practitioner and Parent Questionnaire-
  • 障害のある子どもを取り巻く子どもたちの変容と保育者の援助
    (日本乳幼児教育学会第26回大会 2016)
Works (8):
  • Toward embodiment of program related advancement of the profession in kindergarten teachers
  • Rearing the child who can judge spntaneously.
  • Children who don't speak"Thank you",and"I'm sorry"
  • How could we develop the autonomy of children?
  • Experience of "Amae" makes the child to grow up to the good personality.
Education (2):
  • - 1984 筑波大学大学院心理学研究科博士課程 心理学
  • - 1977 Tokyo Gakugei University
Professional career (2):
  • 博士(心理学) (筑波大学)
  • 教育学修士 (東京学芸大学)
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