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ヤマザキ カズヒデ | YAMAZAKI Kazuhide
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Japanese literature
Research keywords  (1): Modern Japanese Literature
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • A Study of Historical Novels in Modern Japanese Literature
MISC (26):
  • An Essay on Sabashi Zingor(]J1155[) by (]J1055[)gai. 「Kokubungakkah(]J1155[)」Atomigakuen Women's University. 1984. 12
  • An Essay on Sakai-Ziken by (]J1055[)gai-Individuals Sacrificed For The Tosa-Han of Their Organization. A Book ; "Studies in Mori (]J1055[)gai"Published by Gakut(]J1155[)sha. 1989
  • An Essay on Saigonoikku by (]J1055[)gai. 「Kokubungakkah(]J1155[)」Atomigakuen Women's University. 1990. 18
  • An Essay on Kanzan Zittoku by (]J1055[)gai. 「Studies in Mori (]J1055[)gai」Published by Izumishoin. 1991. 4
  • An Essay on Kuriyama Taizen-History of A Kuroda-Han Disturbance. 「Kokugo To Kokubungaku」Faculty of Literature, Tokyo University. 1991. 806
Books (13):
  • A Study of Historical Novels by Mori (]J1055[)gai
    A Book ; Publishing Company=(]J1055[)h(]J1173[)sha 1981
  • A Study of Biographic Novels by Mori (]J1055[)gai
    A Book ; Publishing Company=(]J1055[)h(]J1173[)sha 1982
  • The Guide Book on Mori (]J1055[)gai Literture, "Spirit Mori (]J1055[)gai"
    A Book ; Publishing Company=Y(]J1173[)seid(]J1155[) 1985
  • A Critical Biography of Mori (]J1055[)gai That lives Two Weys of life in His Career
    A Book ; Publishing Company=Shintensha 1991
  • One Hundred Postcards Around (]J1055[)gai(Co-Editor)
    A Book ; Publishing Office=The Commission of Education, Bunky(]J1155[) City 1992
Works (3):
  • A General Index of Words in Literary Works in The Meiji Period (Co-Editor)A Book ; Publishing Company=Chikumasyob(]J1155[)
  • Mori (]J1055[)gai Exhibition(Chief Editor)-In Commemoration of The 130th Anniversary of The Birth of Mori Ogai-Sponcered by The History of Tsuwano Museum
    1992 -
  • A Chief Editor in Mori (]J1055[)gai Permanent Exhibition Sponcered by Mori (]J1055[)gai Memorial Museum in Tsuwano, Shimane Prefecture
    1994 - 1995
Education (2):
  • - 1962 Waseda University Faculty of Education
  • - 1970 Waseda University Graduate School, Division of Letters
Professional career (1):
  • (BLANK)
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