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Uehara Minoru

ウエハラ ミノル | Uehara Minoru
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Software
Research keywords  (2): Distributed System ,  Programming Language
Papers (99):
  • Chen Yuan, Minoru Uehara. An Optimal Route Recommendation Method for a Multi-purpose Travel Route Recommendation System. BWCCA 2019. 2020. 398-408
  • Minoru Uehara. JavaScript Development Environment for Programming Education Using Smartphones. 2019 Seventh International Symposium on Computing and Networking Workshops (CANDARW). 2019. 292-297
  • Yuan Chen, Minoru Uehara. Improvement of Multi-Purpose Travel Route Recommendation System Based on Genetic Algorithm. 2019 Seventh International Symposium on Computing and Networking Workshops (CANDARW). 2019. 305-308
  • Yuan Chen, Minoru Uehara. An Optimal Travel Route Recommendation System for Tourists' First Visit to Japa. AINA-2019. 2019
  • Motoi Yamagiwa, Minoru Uehara. Development of Eco Volunteer Computing System. SUSCW-2018. 2018. 387-390
MISC (3):
  • SATO NOBUYOSHI, UEHARA MINORU, SHIMOMURA KOICHIRO, YAMAMOTO HIROBUMI, KAMIJO KEN'ICHI. On Rejecting Outliers of Trace Element Compositions in Geographical Origin Identification System of Vegetables. 情報処理学会シンポジウム論文集. 2007. 2007. 9. 165-170
  • Nobuyoshi Sato, Minoru Udagawa, Minoru Uehara, Yoshifumi Sakai, Hideki Mori. Reliability of a distributed search engine for fresh information retrieval in large-scale intranet. New Horizons of Parallel and Distributed Computing. 2005. 203-216
  • LR Welch, W Farr, M Uehara. Challenges in metrics and measurement for computer-based systems. COMPUTER. 1997. 30. 1. 88-89
Professional career (1):
  • (BLANK)
Work history (2):
  • 2009 - 現在 Toyo University
  • 1995 - 2007 Shukutoku University
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