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ARAI Kunijiro

アライ クニジロウ | ARAI Kunijiro
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (1): Social psychology
Research keywords  (2): Development ,  Education and of Care Child
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • Development and education of self-determination of Child
  • Development and education of motivation of Child
  • Development of traffic behaviors and its education in child
MISC (59):
  • Is participation in an English language immersion program detrimental to a students knowledge of Japanese vocabulary? (共著). Tsukuba Psychology Research. 2002
  • The process of help for mother of a child who complains of anxiety to vomit. Tsububa developmental and clinical psychology. 2000. 11. 21-26
  • A study of the relationship between regulation of emotional expression (REE),interpersonal orientation, and shyness. Tsukuba Psychological Research. 2000. 22. 161-166
  • Constructing a self-determination awareness scale for children. Tsububa Psychological Research. 2000. 22. 151-160
  • The effects of learners' perceptions of benefits and costs, and learning strategy preferences on the use of learning strategies during the study of Kanji. Tsukuba Psychological Research. 1999. 21. 115-125
Books (2):
  • Handbook of Clinical Dvelopment Psychology with Cases
    Fukumura Shuppan 1994
  • Fathers in Unisexual Age
    Fukumura Shuppan 1997
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