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Namita Yoko

ナミタ ヨウコ | Namita Yoko
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate Professor
Other affiliations (1):
Research field  (3): Primary/secondary education and curricula ,  Sociology ,  Sociology of education
Research keywords  (1): Media literacy, media education, sociology of education
Papers (6):
  • Yoko Namita. A Historical Overview of Media Education: Making Sense of the Different Approaches and Rationales. 立命館産業社会論集. 2012. 47. 4. 81-97
  • Yoko Namita. The Politics of Race, the Media, and the American Presidency: Revelations from Barack Obama's 2008 Election Success. Ritsumeikan Social Sciences Review. 2008. 44. 3. 63-75
  • Yoko Namita. Pulling Back the Curtain: Corporate Media as Suppliers of Media Education Resources. Educational Insight. 2006. 10. 2
  • 浪田陽子. カナダのメディアリテラシー教育に関する検討項目. ICTメディアに係る子どもの利用実態及び利用環境等に関する国内外調査研究報告書. 2006. 235-247
  • Yoko Namita. ブリティッシュ・コロンビア州教員ストライキの経過と影響. カナダ教育研究. 2006. 4. 63-64
Books (5):
  • メディア・リテラシーの諸相:表象・システム・ジャーナリズム (担当箇所:第一章 メディア・リテラシー実践の現状と課題:カナダBC州中等学校の調査分析から)
    ミネルヴァ書房 2016 ISBN:9784623076338
  • はじめてのメディア研究:「基礎知識」から「テーマの見つけ方」まで(担当箇所:第1章「メディア・リテラシー」、Column1「メディア・コングロマリットと民主主義のゆくえ」)
    世界思想社 2012 ISBN:9784790715634
  • 現代カナダを知るための57章(担当箇所:第18章 カナダのメディア・リテラシー:世界の最先端をゆくメディア教育)
    明石書店 2010 ISBN:9784750333076
  • はじめて出会うカナダ (担当箇所:「カナダのメディア教育」)
    有斐閣 2009 ISBN:9784641173583
  • 21世紀にはばたくカナダの教育
    東信堂 2003
Lectures and oral presentations  (7):
  • The Current Status of Media Education in Canada: Challenges in Implementing Media Literacy in BC Secondary Schools
    (The 36th Annual Conference of the Japanese Association for Canadian Studies 2011)
  • Globalizing Canadian Media Literacy Concepts:The Role of Corporations in Diffusing Media Literacy Beyond Canada's Borders
    (2008 Annual Conference of the Canadian Communication Association 2008)
  • Media Education Across Curriculum: A Proposal for Integrating Media Literacy into Teacher Education
    (The 34th Annual Conference of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE) 2006)
  • Media Literacy for Democracy: A Critical Analysis of Media Education’s New Challenges
    (The 48th Annual Conference of the Western Social Science Association (WSSA) 2006)
  • Media Education under Threat? - The Influence of Corporatized Media on Media Literacy
    (The 5th Annual Research Day, Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia 2005)
Education (3):
  • [CAN] University of British Columbia Technology Education (Media Literacy)
  • [CAN] University of British Columbia Sociology of Education
  • Tokyo University of Foreign Studies European and American Studies, English major
Professional career (1):
  • Ph.D. (University of British Columbia)
Work history (1):
  • 2007/04/01 - Ritsumeikan University College of Social Sciences
Awards (1):
  • 2002 - The Japanese Association for Canadian Studies 日本カナダ学会 第15回研究奨励賞(最優秀賞)
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