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Saito Mikiko

サイトウ ミキコ | Saito Mikiko
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Senior Researcher(Professor)
Research field  (1): Nano/micro-systems
Research keywords  (1): ナノデバイス造形
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (10):
  • 2018 - 2023 Study on operand observation and analysis of buried interface on tribology
  • 2019 - 2022 Low-temperature bonding using nanostructure on material surface
  • 2017 - 2020 Study of plate-laminated diffusion-bonding waveguide-type highly functional planar antennas in milli-meter to terahertz bands
  • 2016 - 2019 ナノポーラス構造を用いた焼結型高耐熱接合技術の深堀
  • 2014 - 2019 Study on chemical structures at surface and interface of ultra-thin overcoat/lubricant films for magnetic disks with ultrahigh recording density
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Papers (85):
  • M. Saito, H. Kuwae, W. Norimatsu, M. Kusunoki, J. Mizuno, S. Koga, H. Nishikawa. Metal Deposition using Solution on High-Density and Well-Aligned CNTs. Proceesing-2020 IEEE 8th Electronics System-Integration Technology Conference, ESTC 2020 9229813. 2020
  • S. Koga, H. Nishikawa, H .Nishikawa, M. Saito, J. Mizuno. Fabrication of Nanoporous Cu Sheet and Application to Bonding for High-Temperature Applications. J. ELECTRONIC MATERIALS. 2020. 49
  • W. Fu, T. Kaneda, A. Okada, K. Matsunaga, S. Shoji, H. Nishikawa, M. Saito, J. Mizuno. Low Temperature Flip Chip Bonding Using Squeegee-Embedded Au Nanoporous Bump Activated by VUV/O-3 Treatment. J. ELECTRONIC MATERIALS. 2020. 47. 10. 5952-5958
  • 古賀 俊一, 齋藤 美紀子, 水野 潤, 西川 宏. Cuナノポーラスシートを用いた接合部の劣化挙動の解明. 第25回エレクトロニクスにおけるマイクロ接合・実装技術シンポジウム論文集. 2019. 73-76
  • 古賀 俊一, 齋藤 美紀子, 水野 潤, 西川 宏. 異種金属を用いたナノポーラス構造による界面形成現象の比較. 第28回マイクロエレクトロニクスシンポジウム論文集. 2018. 273-276
MISC (3):
  • Ishiwata N, Nonaka Y, Honjo H, Toba T, Saito S, Saito M, Ishi T, Ohashi K. Development of high density recording heads with Co-Ni-Fe plated films. Proceedings of the IEICE General Conference. 2001. 2001. 2
  • M Saito, K Yamada, K Ohashi, Y Yasue, Y Sogawa, T Osaka. Corrosion properties of electroplated CoBiFe films (vol 146, pg 1845, 1999). JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY. 2000. 147. 11. 4389-4389
  • ISHI T, NONAKA Y, HONJO H, TOBA T, SAITO S, SAITO M, SUZUKI F, ISHIWATA N, OHASHI K. Write heads with high B_s pole material : Co-Ni-Fe write heads with small core for high-speed recording. 日本応用磁気学会学術講演概要集 = Digest of ... annual conference on magnetics in Japan. 2000. 24. 160a-160b
Patents (18):
  • ラマン分光測定装置及びラマン分光測定方法
  • 成膜基板、基板、およびそれらの製造方法
  • 銅材の接合方法
  • 光学デバイス及びその製造方法
  • めっき装置及びこれを用いたセンサ装置
Lectures and oral presentations  (68):
  • Metal Deposition using Solution on High-Density and Well-Aligned CNTs
    (2020 IEEE 8th Electronics System-Integration Technology Conference, ESTC 2020 2020)
  • Investigation of preparation for Mn-Bi using electrodeposition
    (iLIM-4 2019)
  • An Investigation of the Corrosion Behavior of Dealloyed Au-Ag Electrodeposited Films
  • Fabrication and characterization of nanoporous copper through chemical dealloying of cold rolled Mn 70 Cu 30 alloy
    (iLIM-4 2019)
  • Solid-state bonding using Cu nanoporous sheet for high-temperature applications
    (iLIM-3 2018)
Professional career (1):
  • Ph.D. (Waseda university)
Awards (1):
  • 2006/02 - (社)表面技術協会 平成18年度技術賞受賞
Association Membership(s) (4):
エレクトロニクス実装学会 ,  Electochemical Society ,  電気化学学会 ,  表面技術学会
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