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サトウ ヒロヤス | HIROYASU SATO
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate Professor
Research field  (3): Civil engineering (environmental systems) ,  Environmental policy and society ,  Environmental impact assessment
Research keywords  (5): sewer system ,  enhanced sewer self-purification ,  生態学 ,  微生物 ,  下水処理
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (6):
  • 生物学的リン除去プロセスにおける微生物貯蔵物質の同定および機能解明
  • 活性汚泥を用いた生物分解性プラスチックの生産
  • 生物学的廃水処理システムにおける複合微生物系の群集・機能・解析
  • Identification of Microbial Storage Materials and Analysis of Their Functions in the Biological Nutrient Removal Processes
  • Production of Biodegradable Plastics using Activated Sludge
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Papers (79):
  • Tiffany Joan Sotelo, Hiroyasu Satoh. Organic Matter Removal Performance of Enhanced Sewer Self-purification by Porous Media Treating Domestic Wastewater under Various Temperatures. Journal of Water and Environment Technology. 2023. 21. 1. 76-82
  • Regina Mardatillah, Tiffany Joan Sotelo, Yuta Shinfuku, Futoshi Kurisu, Hiroyasu Satoh. Assessing the Effect of Anionic Surfactants on the Performance of Enhanced In-sewer Purification with Porous Media. Journal of Water and Environment Technology. 2022. 20. 6. 201-211
  • Tiffany Joan Sotelo, Giles B. Sioen, Hiroyasu Satoh. Circling the drain: A systems analysis of opportunities for enhanced sewer self-purification technologies in wastewater management. Journal of Environmental Management. 2021. 288. 112451-112451
  • Tiffany Joan Sotelo, Hiroyasu Satoh. Enhanced sewer self-purification with porous media: Performance evaluation with various organic loading rates and flow intermittency. Biochemical Engineering Journal. 2021. 168. 107932-107932
  • Tiffany Joan Sotelo, Hiroyasu Satoh, Takashi Mino. Effect of Flow Intermittency on Lipid Degradation Behavior during In-sewer Purification by the Intermittent Contact Oxidation Process. Biochemical Engineering Journal. 2020. 154. 107430-107430
MISC (270):
  • 中林豊博, 佐藤弘泰. Effect of No-Flow Time on Hydrolysis of Polymers in Intermittent Contact Oxidation Process. 日本水環境学会年会講演集. 2023. 57th
  • 泉谷信夫, 磯田伸吾, 遠藤圭吾, 佐藤弘泰. チャンバー法による管路内浄化の性能評価. 下水道研究発表会講演集. 2023. 60th
  • 佐藤弘泰, 中林豊博, SOTELO Tiffany Joan. 流下条件がトイレットペーパーの分解に与える影響. 下水道研究発表会講演集. 2023. 60th
  • 川田卓嗣, 佐藤弘泰. 下水道管渠の維持管理履歴情報を使った不具合発生傾向の分析. 下水道研究発表会講演集. 2023. 60th
  • 小野圭哉, 佐藤弘泰. Effect of higher organisms on sludge reduction using Intermittent Contact Oxidation Process in laboratory scale. 日本水環境学会年会講演集. 2022. 56th
Books (1):
  • PHAの測定とその意味
    環境微生物工学研究法.技報堂出版 1993
Professional career (2):
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  • (BLANK)
Awards (9):
  • 2015 - Japan Society on Water Environment Paper Award
  • 2014 - Environmental Engineering Committee, Japan Society of Civil Engineers Environmental Technology/Project Award
  • 2014 - Japan Sewage Works Association Best Poster Award
  • 2011 - Environmental Engineering Committee, Japan Society of Civil Engineers Environmental Technology/Project Award,
  • 2010 - Environmental Engineering Committee, Japan Society of Civil Engineers Best Poster Award
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Association Membership(s) (5):
日本農芸化学会 ,  日本微生物生態学会 ,  土木学会 ,  日本水環境学会 ,  International Water Association
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