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KURITA Hiroshi

クリタ ヒロシ | KURITA Hiroshi
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Psychiatric science
Research keywords  (2): Developmental disorders ,  child psychiatry
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • Clinical study on symptoms, development and outcome of childhood disintegrative disorder
  • A study on mental regression in pervasive developmental disorders
  • A clinical psychiatric study on atypical autism
MISC (70):
Books (10):
  • Pervasive developmental disorders in childhood and Adolescence
  • Infantile autism as a pervasive developmental disorder
    Basic problems in the diagnosis of autism 1993
  • Mood fluctuationsin developmental desorders
    Psychopathology : Plurality and aggregation 1995
  • Regression in mental development following a psychosocial stressur in disintegrative psychosis
    Recent Progress in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 1996
  • Psychiatric problems in mental retardation
    Psychiatric Review 23 : Psychiatry of Mental Retardation 1997
Works (3):
  • Diagnostic and Neurological Study of Developmental Disorders Relating to Infantile Autism
    1989 -
  • Psychiatric Study on Pervasive Developmental Disorders
    1990 -
  • Study on Behavioral Evaluation of Developmental Disorders
    1991 -
Professional career (1):
  • (BLANK)
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