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Tetsuro Ogushi

オオグシ テツロウ | Tetsuro Ogushi
Research field  (1): Sports science
Research keywords  (4): Intermittent Exercise ,  3- Dimension ,  Physicol Ability ,  Mortion analysis
Papers (21):
  • Kanamoto, Megumi, Ogushi, Tetsuro. Study on the dietary habits of university students: The Sophia University student's survey. Sophia University studies in physical education. 2012. 45. 25-34
  • OGUSHI Tetsuro, OZAKI Hiroki, SAKUMA Kaoru, MARUYAMA Takeo. A study of face angle at address and impact during golf putting. Studies in physical education. 2007. 41. 41. 45-52
  • SAKUMA Kaoru, OGUSHI TETSURO, TONOKI Daisuke. A Study of Efficient Golf Swing : (Vol.1) Path and movement of golf club at impact. SOPHIA UNIVERSITY STUDIES IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. 2005. 38. 23-31
  • SHIRATO Minayuki, TERADA Kayo, NODA Koh, SHIMA Takeshi, KANAMOTO Megumi, MOROOKA Fumio, SUZUKI Mamoru, MIMA Michiyo, SATO Koji, OGUSHI Tetsuro. Physique and Physical Fitness of Freshmen at Sophia University : Changes for 28 years. Sophia University studies in physical education. 2005. 38. 11-21
  • OGUSHI TETSURO. Teaching Golf as Physical Education Program. SOPHIA UNIVERSITY STUDIES IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. 1998. 31. 27-42
Books (5):
  • Science and football IV「Application of an analysis system evaluating intermittent activity during a soccer match」
    Routledge 2002 ISBN:0415241510
  • Sports Culture at the present
    Dowa Shoin 2000 ISBN:4810510611
  • (Work Intensity During Soccer Match-Play)
    E. & F. N SPON Ltd 1993
  • (The Ratio of Physical Intensity of Movemente During Soccer Match-Play)
    E. & F. N SPON Ltd 1993
  • Science and football : proceedings of the First World Congress of Science and Football, Liverpool, 13-17th April 1987「Analysis of The Goalkeeper's Diving Motion」
    E. & F. N. SPON 1988 ISBN:0419143602
Lectures and oral presentations  (3):
  • 少年サッカー選手におけるメディカルチェックの検討(第2報)
    (第5回日本フットボール学会大会 2008)
  • 少年サッカー選手におけるメディカルチェックの検討
    (第4回日本フットボール学会大会 2006)
  • インサイドキックのインパクトの違いによるボール挙動への影響
    (第4回日本フットボール学会大会 2006)
Professional career (1):
  • 体育学士 (東京教育大学)
Work history (1):
  • Sophia University Faculty of Humanities, Department of Health and Physical Education Professor
Association Membership(s) (3):
The Japanese Society of Science and Football ,  日本体育学会 ,  日本スポーツ方法学会
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