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KIDA Takuya

キダ タクヤ | KIDA Takuya
Affiliation and department:
Job title: curator
Research field  (2): Aesthetics and studies on art ,  Design science
Research keywords  (2): history of modern crafts ,  and modern design
Papers (13):
  • KIDA Takuya. Koyama Fujio’s view of modern Japanese ceramics and his role in the creation of “Living National Treasure”. Ceramics and Modernity in Japan. 2019. 189-207
  • KIDA Takuya. Research on Chinese Ceramics in Dalian: Komori Shinobu and the Togakai Network during the Taisho Period. Bulletin of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. 2017. 21. 6-34
  • KIDA Takuya. Visit Japan: Travel Posters as ‘Self-Portrait’ of Japan. Visit Japan: Tourism Promotion in the 1920s and 1930s. 2016. 6-10
  • KIDA Takuya. Osaka Expo ’70 Design Project: Seeking “Progress ans Harmony for Mankind”. 2015. 11-15
  • KIDA Takuya. 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games, A Design Project: “Japanese-ness” in Olympic Designs. Proceedings and Program vol. 2, 5th IASDR 2013 TOKYO. 2013. 3528-3534
MISC (15):
  • KIDA Takuya. The Wings of Foliage by Shingo Muramoto: Creating from Nature. 2018
  • KIDA Takuya. ‘Japanese Craftsmen Crossing Borders: Asian-ness in Modern Crfats,’. Design History. 2013. 11. 122-127
  • KIDA Takuya. Japanese-ness/Asian-ness’ in Crafts in the 1920s-30s. Proceedings for Translating and Writing Modern Design Histories in East Asia for the Global World. 2013. 1-3
  • KIDA Takuya. Seven Ceramic Innovators. Seven Sages of Ceramics: Modern Japanese Masters. 2013. 3-5
  • KIDA Takuya. Asia as Dreamed by Craftspeople: “Asianist” Crafts Arts. Japanese Crossing Borders: Asia as Dreamed by Craftspeople, 1910s-1945. 2012. 144-151
Books (6):
  • Japanese Crossing Borders: Asia as Dreamed by Craftspeople, 1910s-1945
    The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo 2012
  • Hara Hiromu and The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo:What One Discovers Through Design Work
    The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo 2012
  • Design Project for the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games
    The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo 2013
  • Insights from Gurcharan Singh’s pottery collection: Ceramics art in Japan around 1920 as seen by an Indian student
    Japan Foundation, New Delhi 2019
  • Vessel Explored, Vessel Transformed: Tomomoto Kenkichi and his Enduring Legacy
Lectures and oral presentations  (48):
  • 「ユートピア思想としての綜合芸術-モリス、富本、リーチ」
    (「近代日本デザイン史をめぐる連続シンポジウム」第3回(三重県立美術館) 1999)
  • 「陶磁器のジャポニスム-フランス・ドイツを中心に」
    (東洋陶磁学会平成12年度第9回研究会(五島美術館) 2001)
  • 「昭和の桃山復興-なぜ、陶芸家は桃山にあこがれるのか?」
    (東洋陶磁学会平成15年度第8回研究会(根津美術館) 2003)
  • Modern Revival of Momoyama Ceramics
    (Symposium, Japanese Ceramics: Cultural Roots and Contemporary Expressions, Harvard University 2004)
  • 「昭和の桃山復興-陶芸家と近代」
    (東洋陶磁学会第32回大会(東京国立近代美術館) 2004)
Work history (2):
  • 1994 - 1997 Sakura City Museum of Art, Curator
  • 1997 - National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo, Curator
Association Membership(s) (2):
SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OF JAPONISME ,  Design History Workshop Japan
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